I’ve been battling my myself back and forth about the line between media personality and fan. It’s a fine line that I believe has been crossed over and over again time after time.

There are different levels of a fan’s personalities dipping into the media. There are lots of people that watch ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC, what-have-you, with the sole goal of listening to play-by-play announcers to find biases. Forget about that. You’ll drive yourself crazy chasing the conspiracy theories.

What I am talking about though is outspoken fans on radio and television and I’ve got two examples for you in the Baltimore area.

What if a certain radio personality was so outspoken about being a good fan that he wore his Ravens jersey into the locker room during interviews? Is that hardcore fandome, or inappropriate behavior as a member of the media? My fan side of me thinks it’s awesome that Nestor Aparicio doesn’t care what everyone else thinks. But then I also wonder if he’s crossing the line.

Here’s another example though. The facebook craze has begun to blur the line between fan and media too. This personality is a sidekick to my favorite show on 105.7 The Fan, he’s out spoken about his support of the Baltimore teams, but after the Ravens 21-13 victory over Oakland blasted some unradio language about his feelings on the game.

I’m talking about Damon “The Bulldog” Yaffe, who through up an F-Bomb under the official “Mark Viviano Show facebook page. Too much or great fan?

What do you think?