Surely you’ve heard all about the “speculation” that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has ensued through his report that the Ravens are number one in the Mike Vick 2009 NFL Reunion.

Vick’s crime did get him punished, unlike many other athletes. He spent time in jail, filed bankruptcy, and is now ready to re-enter the “work force.” I think he should be given a chance, should a team pursue him and there’s been lots of names thrown out there.

Baltimore has been known to take chances on high risk players, remember folks we had Terrell Owens for a few hours. So what about Vick?

“We’ve had long discussions about Michael Vick and we have a feeling about how he would impact our team and not impact our team,” head coach John Harbaugh said.

While Mort said that the Ravens are speculated to be the number one contenders, I beg to differ.

Vick could would be a fit in the wild cat offense that Baltimore ran last season, but he has been outspoken about returning as a quarterback. “We have three quarterbacks that we like,” Ozzie Newsome told reporters several weeks ago.

Even if Vick would want to play in a wild cat style offense as a QB/WR hybrid, Baltimore already has Troy Smith, another quarterback that doesn’t want to play the position.

I’m not quite sure how the Ravens reached the top of the list, but I just don’t see it happening.