Last week, I gave my thoughts on the rumors of the Ravens’ interest in Michael Vick.

While I was at the Ravens vs. Redskins preseason game, I got a text from a friend that said, “Vick to Eagles WTF?”

I haven’t been a Michael Vick advocate, I’m no Tony Dungy. However, after I look back at the situation I do kind of find myself rooting for the guy. Not because I hate dogs, I think what he did was despicable. I suppose it’s because I hope that he can turn things around.

Honestly, I don’t even think Vick is a top quarterback. He has the talent, no doubt, but when he left he wasn’t one of the best in the game and after not playing for two years he certainly isn’t now.

It was good to see the Eagles take the chance on Mike, it’s a good fit with Andy Reed’s firm belief in second chances.

This issue is so fascinating because I know my opinion of highly controversial. If I think Vick shouldn’t be given a second chance a lot of people think I’d be a racist, but if I do than people think that I hate dogs. I like dogs, though I’m not an owner myself. But, sometimes I feel that if Michael Vick would have murdered someone (like Donte Stallworth did) he would have received less attention. And that thought scares me about the state of our society.

Are we so infixed by what Vick did because it’s a crime that isn’t highly publicized? Murder happens everyday. Are we used to hearing about it? Or do some people honestly value the lives of pets higher than humans?

I would much rather see people protesting when Stallworth gets reinstated into the NFL, but my gut tells me that won’t happen. Rather than throwing red paint on him, PETA should make Vick a spokesperson.

Believe me, if tomorrow Mike screws up I will be the first to say that he doesn’t belong in the NFL. But, right now he served his time, he was under house arrest (not to mention Rachel Nichols camping outside his house), and had to file for bankruptcy. I hope he turns things around and proves the critics wrong.