I’ve been down talking fans that get into football in July for as long as I can remember. Baseball season is just half over and the sports talk stations, blogs and message boards are flooded with reactions to meaningless practices and rookie signings. But this year has been different, this year I already can’t get enough.

The hype behind the Ravens season is difficult for the team to hide behind, it’s huge. Every where you go people are talking Super Bowl. Baltimore is ranked 3rd on Sports Illustrated’s pre-training camp power rankings and 5th on ESPN’s. The excitement is every where in this town, and it’s understandable. But, when it comes to the Ravens I’ve always been able to keep a level head, I’ve been able to avoid meaningless stories and focus on a more realistic point of view for what’s to come.

Perhaps it’s the Orioles disappointing season that has gotten me ready for football season far too early this year.  The club has just 31 wins, is 0-11 against Toronto (whom they are facing right now) and have been searching for a manager for the past 45 days.  My expectations for the Orioles were too high before the season began, you mix that with their worst season in franchise history and I think you turn me off to baseball by July 28th.

I’ve been itching to put together a fantasy team (looking forward to our BSR league this year) and just signed up for my first of two leagues late last night.  I even came up with the best name in the league, “Vick’s Birthday Shootout.”

I can’t wait to get out to Westminster and see the club practice, maybe bribe some 6-15 year olds to get me an autograph and just catch a glimpse for a season that I can’t wait to see unfold.