I didn’t watch a second of the Pro Bowl last night.  Why should I?  It’s a joke.

I would rather watch a three hour rain delay than the Pro Bowl.

I went on to ESPN.com at 11:30 last night just to see the final score and get a few stats for this post and had to did deep just to find it.  Buried underneath Winter X Games coverage, a story on the Mavericks win in over time, Djokovic beating Nadal, the NHL All-Star game and a column about the Giants defense was a headline about that Pro Bowl.

Apparently Ray Lewis had five tackles and Vonta Leach scored a touchdown — that news comes via Aaron Wilson, who I assume was forced to watch the game for his job.  Poor guy.

Last year 13.4 million football starved morons watched the Pro Bowl on Fox.  I’m sure the numbers will be similar this season.  There’s no sense in telling the NFL to kill it, move it, add a skills competition or any of the other crazy ideas people have for the game.

The bottom line is that this horrible game gets ratings and ratings equal dollars.  I just don’t know who in their right mind is watching it.