The O’s got swept by the New York Mets in their second interleague series of the season. It was the first time ever the O’s were swept by the Mets and it was the Mets first road series win since last season. Baltimore now heads out west to continue interleague play. They will go to San Francisco and San Diego.

6 – The amount of runs Baltimore scored in their three-game series with the Mets

3 – Losses by starting pitchers while getting swept by the Mets

46 – Number of overall losses to this point in the season. This team is now ahead the 1988 team pace by one game

6-for-35 – Baltimore with runners in scoring position in the Mets’ series

21 – Nick Markakis’ RBI thru 63 games

2 – Times Brad Bergesen has been sent to Triple-A this season

5.16 – Kevin Millwood’s ERA after his outing Sunday