I’m getting cocky, we’re just two days into the Orioles season and I feel like I’ve got the answers to the burning questions that O’s fans had after leaving Sarasota and beginning the 2010 season in Tampa Bay. From the state of Brian Roberts, to Nolan Reimold‘s achilles and Miguel Tejeda‘s switch to third. I’ve got my orange crystal ball and I’m here to fill you in with my two days of observations.

Brian Roberts back – Despite what B-Rob is saying on the radio and to members of the media, I’m optimistically cautious. Like that term? I just came up with it. I believe that Roberts is feeling better and that he’s being honest, despite the fact that he’s still looking for his first hit, but it’s too easy to tweak your back at second base or taking a big swing at the plate. I do like the acquisition of Julio Lugo, should Roberts go down. The move does lead me to believe that the Orioles are some what concerned about Roberts going down. I’m hoping for the best and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

Nolan Reimold’s achilles – Last night I saw Reimold beat out a fielder’s choice and avoid a double play in typical Nolan style; hunched over, screaming down the first base line – all was well. Fans were skeptical about Nolan’s rehab and thinking that he may even begin the season on the disabled list to regain confidence as he struggled at the plate early in the spring. Don’t worry, he’s back to normal and that’s a great thing for the club.

Miguel Tejeda’s transition – If there’s one thing I’m 100% confident in, it’s Tejeda at third. Two games, lots of leather and zero bad throws. I know he’ll make some mistakes, but so far he’s fielding the position very naturally, throwing shots to first base and getting solid jumps on ground balls. A few plays already stick out in my mind, including a solid double play last night in the 2nd inning.

Garrett Atkins in general – Since his arrivial to Baltimore, fans have expressed their concerns with Garrett Atkins play at first and definitely his performance at bat. He had some successful at the plate with the Rockies, but struggled his past couple years. So far I haven’t seen enough to think he’s turning things around or that he’s going to flop. He hasn’t shown me anything great at the plate, besides an RBI double last night in the top of the 9th and he was a part of a controversial play on the base paths on Opening Day when he left third base on a ground ball hit to Evan Longoria by Brian Roberts. I still don’t blame him for going on contact in that scenario, it was Roberts fault for hitting it to the only spot on the field that wouldn’t produce an RBI. But I digress…

Felix Pie’s health – Yesterday marked Felix Pie‘s second injury in as many weeks. We talked about his injury in spring training and last night Roch Kubatko reported that Pie would be sitting the O’s second game of the season with a shoulder injury. I wouldn’t worry too much about Felix, Dave Trembley was confident enough to use him as a pinch runner for Garrett Atkins in the 9th.

What questions do you have for my orange crystal ball?