I’m sure my old school solution for the Orioles troubles, detailed below, is far too ancient for current baseball fans. These methods seemed to have gone the way of the dinosaur in Major League Baseball. But with the current eight game losing streak, the worst start in the franchise’s history since 1988 and morale at an all time low, I can’t help but think the Orioles need some fire.

This club has been clearly out matched in their eight straight defeats and bullied in the fundamentals this season. They need to send a message and there are a couple ways to do it.

In game one of the series in Oakland, it appeared David Hernandez had clearly picked of Rajai Davis in the 1st inning, after he reached base on an infield single. The first base umpire called Davis safe and Dave Trembley came storming out of the O’s dugout to argue for his young starter. Dave must not have used terrible language, as he exited the field and was able to return to his duties in the dugout, but I was hoping like heck that he would hit the showers early.

Guys like Hernandez, Brian Matusz and Brad Bergesen need that overwhelming support from their manager and I don’t see any issue with Trembley lighting a fire under his guys during the losing streak. The skipper told Scott Garceau yesterday that he wasn’t trying to do anything of the sort, but in my opinion, pulling an Earl Weaver is great for the club’s morale and for supporting these young guys.

Facing Boston on the road is going to be incredibly difficult and I’m sure the Red Sox are going to try to walk all over the Orioles early. So the O’s have got to beat them to it. Throw some chin music at Dustin Pedrioa or Kevin Youkilis in their first at bats and prove that you’re not gonna go down with out a fight. Those guys won’t be looking for junk balls across the plate after an O’s starter sends that sort of message.

Sure, you might have Nick Markakis or Miguel Tejada take one on the back, but at least your message is clear.

I’m fulling prepared to be disagreed with on this post. I’m not quite sure how a guy that never saw “old school” baseball or an Earl Weaver tirade got to be the way I am. But I’m old school. Light the fire, end the losing the streak.