There were a lot of upset drunks fans of the Preakness that were upset with the Maryland Jockey Club’s change of the alcohol policy.

Outside beverages were not welcomed to the 134th Preakness and I’m here to tell you that this change was for nothing but the best.

Check out the video above.

I can’t believe the amount of beer cans being thrown at the idiots running on top of the toilets. You’re asking for a lawsuit. If the fans of the infield are upset with the change they have no one to blame but themselves. Using beer cans are projectiles forced the Maryland Jockey Club to take action.

Attendance was down by $35,000, but the move straightened out the problems that the Preakness had in the past and the betting handle was up.

While it might have hurt this year’s race, the new alcohol policy will entice a new breed of fans, like myself, to go to future races. The infield just wasn’t for me before and now it is. Great move.