Let’s be honest, the Pro Bowl sucks.

This season the NFL moved it from the week after the Super Bowl in Honolulu to the week before the Super Bowl in Miami. It didn’t matter to me where it was though, because the game itself is a joke.

I’ll admit, It was a cool idea to move the game before the Super Bowl. I mean, if I did care about the game I probably would have had a better chance of watching it yesterday than last week. It’s great for fans that live near the city hosting the Super Bowl, Miami this year, Dallas next season.

But it’s the game itself that I don’t like. I woke up this morning knowing that the Terps dropped the ball against Clemson, with the LOST season 5 finale fresh in my mind, but had no clue who won the Pro Bowl. Nor did I really care to know. Our BSR weekly assignments didn’t even include covering the Pro Bowl.

Despite having a large collection of the best players in the National Football League, you might as well suit these guys up in flags and play 7 on 7. No one hits hard because no one wants to get hurt in a meaningless game.

I’m really just venting though, because I don’t really have a solution for the NFL’s All Star game. Putting it before the season wouldn’t work, the middle of the season definitely wouldn’t work, and we have it at the end of the season now and everyone knows how effective it is there.

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I wouldn’t care if it just disappeared.

What do you think of the Pro Bowl?