Let’s be honest, 3-3 is starring the Ravens in the face. I’m not saying it’s immanent, or that they can’t do anything about it. But, quite honestly this team needs to make some serious adjustments to have a successful season.

My opinion of this team has changed, but I’m still trying to figure it out.. For instance, I’m upset with the fact that the Ravens tossed tons of money at Domonique Foxworth in the off season for terrible performance after five games. But I don’t think the refs have conspired against the Ravens to make them 3-2.

Image Courtesy of the Associated Press

Times have changed and the Ravens need to catch up with them. Their defense won’t lead them to victory anymore. Cedric Benson rushed for 120 yards against the aging Baltimore D. The secondary is bad, their guys up front aren’t getting enough pressure and teams know how to take advantage. If Benson can rush for 120, what do you think Adrian Peterson will do to this D? Last year I would say “nothing”, this year he might put 200 on us if we don’t adjust.

Brett Favre needs to be tossed on the ground a few times by Terrell Suggs and I want Kelly Gregg to prove that he actually is out on the field.

Joe Flacco needs more time and has to make good throws across the middle. Cam Cameron has to make sure that the offenses number one play maker, Derrick Mason, touches the ball a few times.

This is a tough schedule. Baltimore could very well be sitting at .500 going into the bye week and their November isn’t exactly a cake walk. They face the undefeated Broncos in Baltimore, then the Bengals on the road, the Browns on Monday Night, the Colts, and finally the Steelers.

It’s still early, but you can’t help feeling that things have taken a turn for the worse with Baltimore’s two straight losses.