At this moment, you are caught up in the National Football League’s most dramatic, overhyped, prime time extravaganza on television, the 75th NFL Draft. This season, the NFL aimed to stretch their few minutes of actual content into an extra day, making this unnecessary waste of television air ways stretch to three evenings of broadcast. That’s one more day of mindless dribble while attempting to fill time between picks, one more day of Roger Goodell mispronouncing draft pick’s names and, yes, one more day the hair, Mel Kiper, Jr. taking offense to professional teams picking against his projected order.

I surprise a lot of people when I express my opinion on the draft. It’s not that I’m not excited to learn about the Ravens newest additions or research their acquisitions and signings, I just hate the cloud of coverage that encompasses the part of the draft I enjoy.

What I don’t need in the draft is what most NFL fans eat by the spoonful. The speculation, predictions and mock drafts drive me absolutely crazy. I think we did it right on BSR, we gave you the Ravens needs, looked around the division and briefly talked with a football expert to get his thoughts on the Ravens needs going into the draft.

If you are fueling the fire by choosing to tune into the NFL Network or the World-Wide leader at any point this weekend then shame on you for letting this spectacle continue. I don’t know how you deal with it. The gap between picks is never filled with quality content and comes off as a poorly produced television product. The only reason I could accept to tune in is to watch Mel Kiper continue to get aggravated when his draft board is destroyed.

Rather than creating a mock draft, I would prefer to create a pool predicting Kiper’s boiling point. And don’t defend him because he’s a local guy. There are lots of local guys that I don’t like, a la Bill Belichick.

The Ravens have a few holes in their roster and I look forward to seeing how they will address them through the NFL draft. We’ll report about them on BSR, break them down from every possible angle, discuss the guys, argue about the guys and move forward. I just don’t feel the need to waste three nights of my life watching the Raiders take a young college graduate with hopes and dreams of a life in professional football and pull him into the black hole of NFL careers.