Peyton Manning’s days in Indianapolis are over.  Don’t act surprised.  Colts owner Jim Irsay and Manning will hold a press conference today to make the announcement official.

And so begins the Peyton Manning watch.  You thought it was bad before?  Now that Manning is officially on the market, Rachel Nichols will surely be reporting from outside his house giving ESPN updates every seven minutes for the next few weeks.

On Twitter, the insanity has already begun.  Lindsey, BSR’s lead writer on our Tumblr page, retweeted a few of the passionate Ravens fans that want Manning in Baltimore.

My ravens really should pick up peyton manning and get rid of that pile of worthless crap we have right now #flojacco
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Ravens gotta get Peyton man, Flacco trippin
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Imagine Peyton Manning in a Ravens jersey. Scary shit 4real
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I think Peyton Manning should go to the Ravens, because Joe Flacco, obviously, can’t get it done! #RayLewisandEdReed need an offense!!! #G‘s
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More buffoons after the break.

At least Arjun would rather trade Flacco than release him.

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