It’s August 31st in Baltimore which means one thing is on the minds of sports fans: Football. I think it’s sad really. The Orioles have played their way out of our minds for another season and the fan’s focus is more on three preseason games than the remainder of the baseball season.

I’m hearing fans call in to sports talk shows to discuss how the Ravens haven’t won three preseason games since 2000 rather than Brian Matusz pitching a gem yesterday.

Let me be your reality check people: These games mean nothing.

The Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the preseason last year and until the Ravens take the field in a regular season game, we have no idea what to truly expect.

But, I’m not trying to make you feel negatively about the purple and black. Rather, I want you to understand how truly important the next month of the baseball season really is for the Orioles.

Ignore their record, because at 54-77 its been over for a long time. However, September hasn’t been this meaningful since 1996.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

The young guns are up in the bigs and they don’t like to lose. Mark Viviano, who traveled with the team in Minnesota, discussed how Chris Tillman and Matt Wieters were very upset when they blew game two against the Twins. Tillman told Viv that he’s a “sore loser” and Wieters was obviously upset in his post game interview.

Brian Matusz has made vast improvements, Nolan Reimold hustles out every ground ball, and Adam Jones seems to rob a guy every night. These guys want to win.

These games are important because if the team loses, it’s going to be motivation for a strong start next season. But, if they go on a roll and knock out the New Yorks, Bostons, or Tampa Bays (who they face in 19 of their next 31 games), then they’ll get a taste of victory and look to continue in 2010.

Don’t turn off baseball. Don’t look at the record and think that this is the “same old Orioles.” These guys want to win and the next month is their time to prove it.