One of most epic debates among commenters on BSR this week has been the coaching of the Baltimore Ravens.  I argued that the losses that the Ravens have endured this season have to be blamed on poor coaching and that starts at the top with John Harbaugh.

When Harbaugh is criticized typically Ravens fans jump to the “I wish Rex Ryan was the head coach” argument.  I do not.  I’m not looking to replace Harbaugh or think that Ryan was better fitted for the job when Brian Billick was relieved of his duties.  I think Ryan in Baltimore would have been terrible and I believe that his tenure with the Jets will end disastrously as the hype machine he has created in New York will ultimately lead to his demise.

After week 10, the Jets left walked off their home field just as embarrassed as the Ravens did when they left Seattle.  The Patriots dominated the Jets 37-16 in a game that frustrated Ryan so much that he shouted an obscenity at a fan that said that Bill Belichick was better than him. (Warning: Video contains foul language)

Even though John Harbaugh drives me crazy when he lies about never cursing on the sideline, I would much rather have the liar than the fool.