We know our founding editor had a birthday this week, but did you know that on Tuesday Ben “Honey Buns” Cavil turned the big 4-0? Who’s Ben Cavil? And you call yourselves Ravens fans. As we all know, he saw regular time and started about half the games at guard for the vaunted 1997-1998 Baltimore offensive line. I would say more, but in 2007, the Sun’s Mike Klingaman wrote THE DEFINITIVE Ben “Honey Buns” Cavil piece in the history of the Internet.

The only info Klingaman’s piece (which is about 50% pastry-related) is missing is that Cavil also played a year in the famed XFL for the NY/NJ Hitmen. I would be severely disappointed if he didn’t have “HONEY BUNS” on his jersey.

Go ahead and wish Cavil a happy birthday on LinkedIn, and if you’re in the market for a home in the Houston area, Honey Buns is your man.

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