I’ve never been a fan of any player taunting when his team is losing.  There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a guy celebrate at the plate after hitting a meaningless solo home run when his team is down by six runs or watch a player do a dance after breaking up a pass down 24 points.  It’s even worse when a player taunts after hurting someone.

Last night, that’s exactly what Arron Asham of the Penguins did after he knocked out Jay Beagle with the Penguins down 2-1 in the third period.

Asham was defending Kris Letang, who had his helmet ripped off by Beagle and after he delivered a right hook that blooded the young Capital and dropped him to the ice, he motioned “lights out” to the crowd.  Not only was this a classless move, but one that was made with his team down 2-1.

“He’s not a fighter, it’s not his job to fight,” Alex Ovechkin told Katie Carrera of the Washington Post. “I don’t know what people think but I think it’s not respectful.”

“I was into the game it was uncalled for,” Asham said according to Careera.  “Classless on my part.”  At least he apologized.  Something tells me that the Capitals won’t be so forgiving in December.