Some colleagues were discussing their favorite players from their childhood, when I started wondering: who is my least favorite member of the Orioles from 1998-2011? This time frame I refer to as The Dark Period was home to a lot of terrible players… guys who shouldn’t have sniffed the majors.

For me, the answer is easy. I have a special place in my heart for Kevin Gregg. I don’t know why the guy drives me so crazy. It’s possible that, because his two years with the club (2011-2012) straddled the transition between The Dark Period and real baseball.  Maybe my expectations were raised beyond what Gregg could possibly offer.

Whatever the reason, that guy sucked.
I opened up the question to Twitter, and got a lot of entertaining responses. Here are just a few:

Me too. *cries*  

But Aubrey Huff hit for the cycle! And he thought the world of Baltimore!


The internet did not disappoint on the Negative Nancy front, either:

OK, guy. OK. ***** I don’t know what this is, exactly. I don’t know if I am supposed to be encouraged by how far the Orioles have come, or depressed that I really had to deal with teams that bad for so long. Whichever the case, what was really heartening was the responses. People who felt just like me. People who remembered – not so fondly – the terrible Orioles, people who suffered with me. People who still flinch at the mention of “30-3.” You’re great, Birdland. And I’m really enjoying celebrating the good times with you. Who are your least favorite Orioles?