Tiger WoodsWhen most think of golf they don’t think excitement. I am probably one of the few people that can sit down and watch a golf tournament for hours at a time. As a golfer myself, I often sit in amazement at how good the players are. The way they are able to shape shots on purpose like I hit mine by accident. The way that in front of thousands of people, PGA Tour professionals can hit drives down the middle of the fairway. I get nervous when the foursome playing behind me catches us at the tee box. Golf for many isn’t exilierating and many consider it boring. When I watch golf I usually just sit with the remote  in my hand and the recliner all the way back. There is though, one person who will make me sit on the edge of my chair when watching golf. His name, Tiger Woods. Watching Woods prowl the back 9 on a Sunday is like watching a NFL game and the Ravens are down 10-7 with the ball. Woods is the only player in golf that will make me yell at my TV as if I were watching the AFC Championship game. Today, Woods proved that once again he adds cutting edge drama to a sport with funny rules and wispering TV announcers. Woods’ sixteen foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole lifted golf back onto the level he left it in June. Sports are an emotional roller coaster that I swear will shorten my life. Today Tiger’s march from five back was like riding the The Raptor at Ceder Point.  I walked out of the room in disgust everytime Woods hit a shot under the lip of a bunker, then would cheer for every birdie made. Tiger Woods adds unprecidented drama to a sport that has been lacking it ever since his miracles at Torrey Pines.