Tiger Woods Wants Ray Lewis To Get Another Ring

Tiger Woods wants the Ravens to win Super Bowl XLVIIAnd just like that, the Baltimore Ravens have their first celebrity endorser — excluding Baltimore native Michael Phelps of course.

Golf phenom/lady’s man Tiger Woods was asked by ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez about the Super Bowl and despite attending college in the Bay Area, Woods said he’s cheering for Baltimore. “I’m from the East Bay, so, you know John did help Stanford quite a bit, — Jim, sorry — but I want [the Baltimore Ravens’] Ray [Lewis] to win,” Woods said according to Cindy Boren of The Washington Post.

“Obviously this is his last ride as he’s said,” Woods said. “To do what he did, come back from a torn triceps, I’ve had my share of injuries, but I’ve never had to actually run and do all the different things he has to do and play through that pain. So I am conflicted [about whether to take the Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers]. I’ll wait to see the odds.”

Don’t go back on that gut feeling, Tiger. You know you want to root for the Ravens.