All appeared to be going well for the Orioles mid-way through last night’s game against the Boston Red Sox.  Chris Tillman looked as though he would be winning his first back to back games this season, but left after just five shutout innings and 88 pitches.

After the Orioles lost the six run lead and the game to Boston, Buck Showalter told the media that Tillman was dealing with back tightness prior to his start.  “That last inning it grabbed on him a couple times,” the Orioles skipper told Gary Thorne on MASN.

The Birds were also forced to play Jake Fox at first base after Derrek Lee left with a left oblique strain.  Lee suffered the injury running to first base and was removed in the third inning.  “We’ve had enough experience with them [oblique injuries], haven’t we,” Showalter asked.