As Peyton Manning’s quest for a new home dominates the headlines this week, another storyline has developed.  Where will Tim Tebow go if the Broncos bring in Manning?

The Broncos seems to be seriously making a push to bring in Manning, which would almost certainly put their fan favorite quarterback from last season on the trading block.  Where could Tebow go?

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King thinks he could be a fit in Baltimore.

…Like the Baltimore Ravens.

King writes that he thinks Denver could get a fourth-round pick for Tebow and while fans in Jacksonville certainly want him, he does see GM Gene Smith bringing him in.

He argues that a strong coach like Bill Belichick, John Harbaugh or Pete Carroll would be good for Tebow.  Someone “not worried about the public pressure to play him to take Tebow on, in my opinion.”

“I could see Belichick or Harbaugh making him a wild card type of player, playing 15 snaps a game all over the offense,” King wrote.

Isn’t the Wild Cat offense kind of dead?  The last two teams that I could see taking on Tebow would be the Pats or Ravens.  Ozzie Newsome definitely wouldn’t give up a fourth rounder for a “wild card type of player.”