Have you noticed the trend that I’ve noticed?

Koji Uehara takes the hill once every five days, he pitches two or three good innings, does poorly in the fourth of fifth, looks exhausted and comes up with an injury.


Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

The Orioles acquired Uehara from Japan as a reliever but promised him a starting job in Baltimore. Unfortunately for them Koji is looking at his second injury this season, third if you include the spring.

I’ve seen marathon runners less tired after finishing 26 miles than Koji is during the 5th inning.

According to MASNSports.com, Uehara has a “tired arm” and his next start is in jeopardy. The Birds pulled David Hernandez from AAA Norfolk after four perfect innings on Wednesday and it looks like he will be replace Koji for his next start.

Let’s think long term. Is Koji in shape to be a starter? Does he have what it takes?

I personally don’t think he does. I’d much rather quit fooling ourselves and let someone like Hernandez fill that spot permanently.