There are clearly parts of the Ravens roster that just aren’t getting the job done.

Do you give up on them? Do you let them grow since the season is likely a wash anyway? Do you put the pressure on them?

It all depends on the player.

Frank Walker – Bye bye. Walker shouldn’t have made the team to begin with. Anyone that followed training camp knew right away what Walker was about. Lots of talk, little coverage. He’s quite possibly the worst part of the Ravens terrible secondary and was so bad that he was benched against the Bengals. He’s taking up a roster spot, which is one of the reasons Baltimore cut Matt Stover. Good riddance Frank.

Domonique Foxworth – Threaten. Two weeks ago I told you that Foxworth was a $28 million bust and I stand by it. He is the Ravens biggest flop since Willis McGahee. Too big of a contract for too little performance. Foxworth is the best of the bad secondary, but for the contract was given he’s not shutting down number one wide receivers.

Fabian Washington – Threaten/bench. Washington covers receivers by grabbing them. I’m convinced his method is to get penalized as many times as possible and it shows.

Trevor Pryce – Cut after season. Pryce has had a great run with the Ravens and an outstanding career, but he’s no longer getting the job done. He gets pressure one time per drive, he’s getting beat in single coverage and gives good quarterbacks too much time.

Kelly Gregg – Cut after season. It would have been a good story is Buddy Lee came back after the knee surgery and stepped up. That hasn’t been the case. He fits into the same category as Pryce, only worse. Gregg is hardly ever putting pressure on QBs and he can no longer stuff the run. He’s part of an aging defense.

Ed Reed – One more big loss and I’d shut him down. Ed might say he’s playing healthy, but come on. He’s undoubtedly playing hurt and if Baltimore wants to hold on to him for future years they need him to get healthy. Whether that requires surgery or just time to recover, Baltimore needs to do what they’ve got to do.

Willis McGahee – Release after season. The only reason to keep Willis now is in case Ray Rice gets hurt. Willis has always had a terrible attitude and his performance in Baltimore has been lackluster.

Steve Hauschka – Hot water. Hauschka has got to be on the hot seat right now. He missed a game winning 44 yard field goal inside and a 38 yard field goal in Cincinnati. That’s two strikes. If he misses another big kick I think he should be gone.

Lardarius Webb has been a star on this team, not only on kick returns, but also in his pass coverage and tackling ability. I would start him next week against the Browns.