lawrences bracket

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Ahhh, it’s that time of year again.  The time when we sit down and try to predict exactly how the NCAA Tournament will play out.  Most of us end up disappointed with our picks when it’s all said-and-done; however, there are a lucky few that are pleased with the way everything ended up.

I’m normally not the latter, but I always give it a shot every year, and though I have come close before, there’s always been one matchup that threw all of my projections off course.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this year.

Now getting to my bracket, we look at some key matchups going into the “Big Dance”.  Some surprise teams of mine include Arizona, Texas A&M, Tennessee, and VCU, though I don’t expect these teams to get very far after the first round.  Come the second round, I believe we will have some intriguing matchups as we spectate Pittsburgh against Tennessee, Texas against Duke, UNC and LSU, and California and Memphis.

As we move on to the Regionals, I have Pittsburgh vs. Xavier, with Pitt taking the “W”.  Also, I can see Villanova pulling off a victory against Duke, and the Sooners taking it to Syracuse.  Now the fun truly begins.

In the semifinals, I see Pittsburgh and Carolina fighting to reach the Championship, with UNC coming away with a win.  I just have to believe that Lawson and Hansbrough will lead this team to a finals appearance.  On the other side, I have Connecticut defeating Michigan St.   Whew!  We have some solid matchups on our hands.

We finally reach the Championship, where UNC and UConn face off to claim the glory of being the top team in the land.  After a back-and-forth matchup, I see the Tar Heels pulling off a late rally to claim the victory.  So how will this March Madness turn out?  Who do you have winning it all?  I guess we’ll  just have to wait and see how it all plays out.