On Monday’s edition of “1 Winning Drive” Terrell Suggs called the New England Patriots three Super Bowl championships “fake.” Yesterday, former Pat Troy Brown responded to Suggs’ comment on a New England media outlet. Here’s an excerpt from Virtual Vensanity.

“This is the same guy who gave up, what, a 20-point lead to the Patriots a few weeks ago?” Brown said (though he meant to say “10-point lead”). “‘The best defense alive,’ and that type of thing?”

“He’s been overrated for a long time,” Brown continued. “He’s benefited from playing with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed and all those guys, but there’s no way he can call our championships ‘fake.'”

Brown called Suggs “a Joey Porter type guy” and asked the host if Suggs was on the Ravens’ 2000 Super Bowl team, though I’m guessing Brown knew the answer before posing the question.

“He’s really frustrated because he has to go through New England or Pittsburgh or one of those teams that they have trouble beating to get to where he wants to be, and he’s taking it out on the Patriots for some reason,” Brown said.

I love it…what do you think of the latest war of words?