The Terps were looking to right the ship on Saturday against the Rutgers only to see their hopes squashed. The played tough for about a quarter and then started giving it away like it was candy. The Terps come away with a 34 – 13 loss that hurts in many ways.

Image Courtesy of the AP

Terps has come out the past few weeks and has made strides defensively. They barely give up any rushing yards and have become more consistent in the pass defense. They still give up a few points here and there, but if their offense wasn’t so careless on the field, maybe the defense wouldn’t have been in those positions to give up the points. They have definitely made it easy for themselves in terms of areas they need to work on and that is holding on to the ball. Their punt returner, quarterback and running backs all need extra work this week. All of them have given the opponents extra chances to score and that’s not going to win you any games. They may have a winning record right now if they couldn’t kept their turnovers down.

The Terps move into their ACC schedule and it is not going to get any easier. ACC is by far a Football power house of a conference, but ACC teams will definitely exploit your weaknesses if you have any. If Maryland is looking for the time to step up and become more consistent, they need to do it now.