Buck Showalter - Baltimore Orioles manager

Buck Showalter is easily the sassiest manager in Major League Baseball when he wants to be, and fortunately for Orioles fans, we get to hear him speak almost every day. Let’s take a look back through the week and see if we can spot #SassyBuck (Trademarked by Bird’s Eye View, all rights reserved).


Very little sass from Buck, as the O’s were going through a bit of a slump. Gave the same sportsmanship-y spiel he always does, “Gotta give it to the opposing pitcher, etc., etc.” Although, saying Ubaldo had “some command issues” (Five walks that night) is hilarious in it’s own right.


Sass meter: high. Three times he made the great Jim Hunter laugh. Buck addresses the return of Bud Norris and how he likes to have his back-and-forth with him. He also takes a knock at hitters who don’t “cooperate” with the new pace of play rules. In regard to Jimmy Paredes, the clubhouse says, “Babe Ruth is back.”


Buck opens with addressing Miguel Gonzalez leaving the game early with a groin injury. It’s not supposed to be funny, but Buck saying, “it’s the same groin” just tickles me. This press conference is great example how great and subtle the back-and-forth between Buck and the beat writers can be, you really have to experience it yourself.


“American League East, we got a shot. I think we’re gonna finish in the top five.” Put that on a t-shirt and start selling them. That’s all I have to say. Next.


Buck says reliever Chaz Roe “got back on the horse” after giving up a home run. Can we get Roe in a cowboy outfit? I really think he can pull it off, especially with that hair. A lot of praise for the players this time around, and we even get to see Philosophical Buck, which is always great. We also learn Buck isn’t the greatest speller.


Mike Bordick calls Darren O’Day’s rising fastball his “Jennie Finch,” which I don’t know if I’m too young or too out of touch to understand, but Jake English assures me it’s hilarious.

That’s all for This Week In Buck!