Tonight at midnight the Batman story finally comes to its epic conclusion — until of course another director comes along to reboot the series.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to debut to the world tonight and everyone is buzzing about it.  Nats closer Drew Storen is more excited about the film than he is to return to the big leagues.

According to reports, a fake football team named the Gotham Rogues plays a pretty prominent role in the movie.  Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward is seen the trailer and we learned this week that Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Wallace, Bill Cowher and Troy Polamalu are also on the team that dons the Steelers black and gold mustard yellow.

But there’s an even more interesting twist.  The Rogues uniforms and equipment are designed by Baltimore based Under Armour and you can purchase shirts, jerseys, jackets and hats for this fake team on their online store.

I want to not like this fake Steelers team, but having UA design their apparel makes it so tough.  Is it okay for Baltimore fans to wear this stuff?