Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco banner at Denver Bronco's Mile High Stadium

Everyday I reminded more and more that it’s football season. No one would do something this stupid in April.

Since Major League Baseball, the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox were so darn stubborn and wouldn’t change their plans and graciously allow the National Football League, the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos to play in Charm City on the only day and time that could possibly work, the defending Super Bowl champions will open on the road. They asked nicely.

Obviously, this is different from the norm for the NFL so there are all kinds of goofy aspects that go along with the 2013 Kickoff Celebration. As I pointed out early today, the league’s Kickoff Concert will be in Baltimore despite the game being played 1,668 miles away in Denver. Additionally, Ravens banners have been placed on Mile High Stadium and in the surrounding areas which has irked fans and even a Denver Post columnist.

Who in Denver wants to drive to work in the morning and see a reminder of Joe Flacco? I know it’s a unique situation where the defending Super Bowl champ opens on the road. But no circumstance will change the fact Denver belongs to the Broncos.

Personally, I think the Super Bowl MVP looks great at Migh High. Maybe that’s just me.

Local sportscaster Vic Lombardi took it one step further, posting videos of himself writing on the posters and calling for Broncos fans to remove the NFL’s Ravens advertisements.