Brian Cazeneuve wrote an article titled “Falling Star” in the most recent edition of Sports Illustrated, which detailed the struggles of Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

The truth seems to be that the league has solved Ovechkin. Opponents used to back off him when he had the puck for fear he’d skate past them if they got too close. Now they beat him by being more physical. Both Ovechkin and Boudreau reject the notion that defenders have been getting in the face of Washington’s captain more often.

Tuesday night in D.C., the Islanders struggled to solve Ovechkin when he put an overtime goal past Nathan Lawson to earn the Capitals their 78th point. Though it’s just one game, Cazeneuve’s sample size on Ovechkin is even smaller. To judge a guy based on his performance over part of a season is completely ridiculous. Ovechkin still shows star status on the ice, the only way to silence his critics is to make a run through the playoffs.