Albert Pujols and Prince fielder have been free agents for only ten hours and the rumors about where the two power hitting first baseman will land are already heating up.  Both guys are seeking longterm deals, but with the big three baseball empires are already locked in to lengthy contracts with their first baseman, Prince and Albert will likely get their money outside of New York, Boston or Philadelphia.

MLB free agency begins tmrw. O’s fans: save urself angst on Fielder + Pujols. Too much $, too much risk. Imprudent pipedream. Not smart $.
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WJZ sportscaster and my former favorite sports talk radio host, Mark Viviano, tweeted that O’s fans should save themselves the angst on Fielder and Pujols rumors.  “Imprudent pipe dream,” Viv added.

The combination of having no general manager and unwillingness/inability to spend the money to bring either slugger here makes Viviano 100 percent correct.  Though adding a guy like Prince would help solidify the Orioles lineup, prove to the fanbase that the Orioles are willing to spend money and help convince other future free agents to come to Baltimore, I too don’t see it happening.

Mark Brown wrote about some realistic names that have been tied to the O’s.