We’ve selected five finalists for our second ticket giveaway, this time it’s the Orioles vs. Red Sox on April 30th.

We asked the fans why they hate the Red Sox and were overwhelmed with pride for the O’s. Now it’s your turn.

Vote for your favorite answer and choose who we send to the game!

Kelly – I hate the Red Sox- yeah, I do.
I hate the red and I hate the blue.
The hype over Fenway, their arrogant fans- that stupid Green Monster…
completely absurd.
Come down to Baltimore, boys – and kiss our bird. ┌∩┐

OriolesMagic89 – In the early 2000s, the Red Sox started winning steadily and with the Orioles struggling and Yankees being despised in Baltimore, it somehow became acceptable for people to root for the Red Sox at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and throughout Baltimore. When asked, most of these people grew up in Baltimore but don’t know why they root for the Red Sox. These traitors have since begun an all out invasion in order to make sure that they are known as the most obnoxious fans in the country (tied with Yankee fans). We need to drown the park in orange in black and show the Red Sox some true Orioles Magic! (Also, only a Red Sox player will throw a 72 year old bench coach [albeit a Yankee] to the ground in a brawl!)

Ian Davis – Why do I HATE the SAWX? 4 LETTERS- E S P N

Phil – RED SOX, I hate their irrelevant name, what do Red Sox have to do with the city of Boston, give me a break! Their fans are complete idiots, quiz any Red Socks fan and I bet they can’t name more then 5 players who have ever played for the Red Sox prior to the current team!!! Their fans are a bunch of clowns coming to Baltimore and thinking they own the place, I’ve seen more bloody Red Sox fans leaving Camden Yard than any other fan (Yeah O’s!!). Honestly, just the idea of socks that are the color Red make me sick. And to top it all off, the best player they ever had has his head frozen in a freezer somewhere…….DUMB!!!

Greg Embert – Two words: Ben Affleck

Polls are closed. Thanks for all who participated!