It’s a lockout.  So all we’re doing is talking.

For whatever reason this week, everyone seems to want to chime in on Joe Flacco.  LaMarr Woodley said he wouldn’t win a Super Bowl, ESPN’s KC Joyner said he’s as good as Philip Rivers, Dhani Jones said he’s easily confused and Hines Ward said the Ravens can win with him.

The Sun’s Matt Vensel has been on top of all the quotes from everyone going wacko for Flacco (sorry it was too easy to resist).

Hines Ward

Appearing on NFL Network on Wednesday, Ward said the Ravens have a “great team” and they “can win with Flacco.” Ward wasn’t “going to put any bulletin board material out there,” but he said he understood where Woodley was coming from because you have to go into this heated rivalry expecting to beat the Ravens.

Smart move on Hine’s part. Dhani Jones, a veteran Bengal took a different approach when asked about Flacco.

Dhani Jones

“[He’s a] capable quarterback [but] if you put a lot of pressure on him, he makes bad decisions,” Jones said of Flacco during an interview on NFL Network. “Any time we were able to line up in the box, we were able to confuse him. He was always throwing picks. He was always making bad judgment calls.”

Football Scientist (yes, that’s a real title) KC Joyner gave ESPN Insider subscribers a breakdown on why Flacco is up there with the Chargers’ quarterback Philip Rivers.

KC Joyner

Joe Flacco is struggling through a similar type of misperception of his skills. It is thought by many that he is a superb game manager who has yet to make the jump to being an elite passer.

However, a closer look at the metrics shows that Flacco has already made that jump. In fact, they show that Flacco displayed a Philip Rivers-type ability to get his team’s vertical passing game in gear regardless of the talent level of his receivers.

So now that everyone else has spoken, what do you think of all their comments on Baltimore’s QB?