Typically, come from behind heroics usually come from the team’s star player.  But last night at the Verizon Center, Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau opted to keep his star, Alex Ovechkin, on the bench in the final 62 seconds of regulation with his team down 4-3.

As discussed earlier, Boudreau made the right decision as the Capitals eventually tied and won the game in overtime on two goals by Nicklas Backstrom, but that doesn’t mean that Ovechkin was happy about riding the bench during the game’s critical moment.

“I’ve got to put out the guys that I think are going to score the goal and 99 percent of the time Alex is the guy I think is going to score the goal,” Boudreau told Katie Carrera of the Washington Post. “I just didn’t think Alex was going to score the goal at that time tonight.”

One of the hot topics today is the exchange that took place on the Capitals bench between Ovechkin and Boudreau.  The TV broadcast clearly shows the two talking during the Capitals timeout and after Boudreau turns his back Ovechkin voices some more disgust, saying something that probably was not PG rated.

Personally, I don’t have a probably with Ovi being upset about not being on the ice.  He’s the captain of the team, he should want to be out there.  But Boudreau made the right call in knowing that Ovechkin was off his game.  The Caps scored two more goals and got the “W” after trailing 3-0.