Time for me to share a secret with everyone: I’m sort of obsessed with the Mighty Ducks film series (except D3, I refuse to acknowledge that movie ever happened save for a few hilarious scenes). If you need a refresher on the Mighty Ducks film series:

1.) What rock have you been living under?
2.) You’re a cake eater.
3.) Here you go

As I was watching D2 last night, I realized that there are quite a few players on the Washington Capitals who remind me of players from the infamous film series. Some are more logical, others are just hilarious.

Marcus Johansson- Luis Mendoza

marcus_johansson_1010 Luis Mendoza

Unlike Luis, MoJo can actually stop. But MoJo is a very fast skater, who like Luis, also has a little trouble shooting (unless he first sprays the goalie with ice shavings). I’m fully convinced that if Luis Mendoza learned how to stop consistently without spraying ice, he’d probably be Marcus Johansson.

Nicklas Backstrom- Guy Germaine

Nicklas Backstrom Guy Germaine

First off, dear goodness do they look alike. Wow. Secondly, Backstrom, like Germaine, is a very talented hockey player who serves as a role model both on and off the ice. I’m willing to bet that Nicklas is as smooth with the ladies as Germaine as well.

Steve Oleksy- Dwayne Robertson

dwyane robertson oleksyFirst off, they look somewhat alike. Secondly, there’s this:

Oleksy curl and dragGranted, Dwayne would have hollered “Yee-haw!” while doing that, but still, tell me that isn’t something that Dwayne wouldn’t do. On the other hand, Oleksy doesn’t strike me as the type of guy who would lasso an opponent during a game.

Troy Brouwer- Jessie Hall

jesse hall Troy Brouwer, Brooks LaichI know one’s African-American and the other is Caucasian, but bear with me for a moment. Like Jesse Hall, Troy Brouwer is not the most skilled player on the ice. However, also like Hall, Brouwer plays with a ton of heart and has a ton of intangibles. Also, the two are similar because despite having a tendency to be outspoken, they are both very good leaders. One glaring difference: would Brouwer ever call a teammate a “cake eater”? Probably not.

Brooks Laich- Charlie Conway

Brooks Laich Charlie Conway

Charlie Conway and Brooks Laich are very similar as far as their playing styles. Both are not the most talented players on their team, but their leadership, intelligence, and willingness to do whatever it takes to win make them the kind of teammate that everyone wants to have.

Tom Wilson- Dean Portman

dean portman Tom Wilson

It’s hilarious how similar these two players are. They both love to fight and hit things. They both spend a ton of time in the penalty box. Their musical tastes differ though- while Portman tends to go with 80’s heavy metal rock, Wilson likes to sing an entirely different genre of music

Unlike Portman, Tom Wilson hasn’t stripped in the penalty box in protest of a penalty.

Alex Ovechkin- Gunner Stahl 

Ovechkin Washington Gunner Stahl

Gunner Stahl is the closest thing the Mighty Ducks film series has to an elite goal scorer like Alex Ovechkin. They’re both from European countries, they both talk in funny accents, and they’re both deadly shooters. Alex Ovechkin isn’t as predictable as Gunner Stahl in shootouts though. 

John Carlson- Lester Averman

John Carlson Lester_Averman

The absolutely perfect comparison to Lester Averman (Mathieu Perreault) was traded to the Ducks this off-season, but John Carlson has replaced Perreault as the team’s prankster. Just like Averman, I bet Carlson leads the Capitals in awkwardness, silly antics, and fooling around. Whenever I’ve watched the Capitals practice, Carlson is the guy who’s always ribbing his teammates and making sure everyone stays loose. Too bad Karl Alzner isn’t Guy Germaine or this comparison would be perfect.

John Erskine- Fulton Reed

John Erskine fulton reed

John Erskine and Fulton Reed are pretty much the same player. They love to commit penalties, love to fight, love to hit people hard, and they are both fiercely loyal. John Erskine doesn’t have Fulton’s slapshot though- maybe Mike Green stole it?

Let’s all hope that, like Coach Bombay, Adam Oates teaches these Capitals how to fly together.

Let me know what you think! And feel free to suggest your own comparisons!