Baltimore is a two sport city, which means that fans have to look outside of 695 to fill their hockey void. While Washington and Baltimore’s relationship has created hatred between the Redskins and Ravens and a rivalry is attempted to be built between the Nationals and Orioles, Baltimore fans have fully embraced the Capitals as their hockey team.

Our Capitals reporter, Dave Gilmore, has talked about this unique relationship between the two cities and has fully detailed life as a Baltimore Caps fan.

This week in the Washington Post, Dan Steinberg explored Baltimore’s Capitals fans at several local watering holes including Della Rose’s Tavern in Canton and Crazy Lil’s on Cross Street.

“A lot of the other Washington teams, we have bad feelings about, but we have no bad feelings about the Capitals,” said Jason Reid, a Capitals fan in Baltimore interviewed by Steinberg.

Twenty Caps radio broadcasts can be heard locally in Baltimore on WVIE 1370 AM. “I see a lot of Capitals jerseys around Baltimore, a lot of Capitals paraphernalia, and that has surprised me more than anything,” said Jerry Coleman of Sports With Coleman on 1370 AM.

Steinberg’s piece also highlighted Natty Boh Gear’s “Bohvechkin” t-shirt, which is on sale in Baltimore’s Sports Legends Museum. “Three years ago you would have never been able to have them carry a line of Capitals merchandise, because they associated it with Washington,” Todd Unger, Natty Boh Gear’s owner, said. “Now it’s just totally accepted.”

“It’s Maryland’s team, it’s the capital’s team, and we feel a part of it,” former Capital and Baltimore resident Gary Rissling told Steinberg.