I survived hump day, the middle of the week…but the sleepless nights and loss of hair is driving me mad.

Don’t get me wrong, if any team needs a break its the Ravens. They haven’t had one since early September. But going over and over the AFC Championship game is enough to make anyone go crazy.

I feel like I’m not alone is this feeling. I’m sure that Baltimore is pretty much going crazy right about now too. I turned on a few different sports talk shows this afternoon to hear the same ramblings I’ve heard all week, and you’ve seen them all here at BSR.

Fans are worried about injuries, they talk about Flacco and Harbaugh’s performances as rookies, or Pittsburgh fans, they discuss the Steelers record in home AFC Championships… its been the same all week. They are lighting their houses purple, wearing purple, turning their beer purple, downtown is ALL purple.

Well Baltimore, we’re all feeling that same anxiety. It is Thursday and you’ve almost made it through the week. Stop watching the reruns of the Pittsburgh/Baltimore game from week 4 on the NFL Network and just sit back and relax.

I know its a lot easier said than done, but the only thing we can do now is wait it out.

Go Ravens.