Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Matt and Eric break down an epic evening for the University of Maryland by discussing a victory over long-dormant rival Georgetown, why the Terps and Hoyas should play every year, what didn’t work on the court, the insanity of the crowd, Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter making their presence known, Melo Trimble abusing his body, which line-up worked the best and more. Plus: The legend himself Scott Van Pelt doing SportsCenter from the Xfinity Center floor following the game, Greivis Vasquez’s appearance in the student section, the night as a recruiting tool and a recap of the win over Mount Saint Mary’s.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Huge night for the University of Maryland
  • Very exciting show ahead
  • ¾ of the pod were in attendance
  • Atmosphere was live
  • Huge amount of chatter in the area about the game
  • CT asked on the street twice if he was going to the Terps game, Eric’s office buzzing
  • Acting like children during the game
  • Why shouldn’t we see this game consistently?
  • If you’re influential within either Maryland or Georgetown and you’re reading this: KEEP THIS SERIES GOING. DO IT FOR THE AWESOME BASKETBALL
  • Diving into the 75-71 victory
  • The Terps were down early and down most of the second half. How concerned was everyone?
  • Georgetown was really unlucky to lose, they were better for most the game
  • Crowd was a massive advantage
  • Jake Layman was totally lost in the first half, Rasheed Sulaimon was excellent and kept the Terps in the game
  • What’re your concerns? Matt says he’s right where he thought they’d be
  • The guys, regrettably, talk more about how strong Georgetown was.
  • Impressive that the Terps were able to win the game down the stretch
  • The offense in the final five minutes was wonderful
  • The Melo Trimble dribble-drive offense does the trick in a pinch
  • Line-up talk: The smaller line-up at the end of the game (Carter-Layman-Nickens-Sulaimon-Trimble) seemed to prove most successful
  • Eric asks if last year’s Maryland team could’ve won that game? Could they have closed the game out like the Terps did last night?
  • Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter Jr. add a toughness and an experience level to this team that it did not previously had
  • Scott Van Pelt brings SportsCenter to College Park
  • Greivis Vasquez makes an appearance, fires up the crowd when he walks in
  • The whole night was a great recruiting tool
  • SVP and Kevin Plank go to Bentley’s after SportsCenter concludes
  • Mount Saint Mary’s was a good start-up game last Friday night
  • Scoring was balanced
  • Fun to see Diamond Stone have a solid first collegiate performance
  • Brushing over football after another loss to Michigan State
  • Can the Terps get a Big Ten win in the final two weeks of the season?
  • Wes Brown suspended again. Matt never wants him to play for Maryland again