That sound you hear is O’s nation moving their respective sausage fingers from picking crabs to getting ready to push the panic button. Old Bay fingers and all. That’s because the Baltimore Orioles might have just had their most disappointing home stand since Buck Showalter was named manager in late 2010.

Is that a full bushel?

Splitting a six-game series vs. the Houston Astros and Seattle Mariners is about as satisfying as eating only fruits and vegetables during vacation. No offense to our vegan readers, of course. But you get my point. Losing 2 of 3 to the Mariners without having to face Felix Hernandez or Hisashi Iwakuma is the equivalent to dropping a game to the BaySox. And although the Birds needed newly acquired Bud “The Stud” Norris to “secure” the series win over the “Lastros”, they still lost 11-0 to them the day before. 11-0.

Is that crab poo on your fingers?

Just last week I was puffing my almost 40 year-old chest out writing/saying that the “Orioles will go 12-5 or at worst 11-6 over the next 17 games.” Please. For that to happen they will need to take at least 4 of the next 5 games vs. the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants on the left coast. And I’m not saying that is impossible as both the Pads and Giants have done their best Sam Koch impressions on the 2013 season (punting the season, if you didn’t know.) But remember, the same Padres squad stole two wins in Baltimore already this year and the Giants do have great starting pitching, despite their record.

Hey, you missed a good piece of crab meat with that finger.

The end of the trip is against the Arizona Diamondbacks where they throw a party and a baseball game breaks out each evening. Swimming pools, party decks among other circus-like activities can distract even the most focused teams. Especially one that have been partying in areas like my hometown San Diego and San Francisco days before. How about the club sticks to early BP and spends less time in Scottsdale is all I’ll say on the matter.

Pass the pitcher of Natty Boh with those fingers much?

The defacto captain of this team, Adam Jones, will be the key on and off the field during this trip, IMO. Being a SD native with a house and plenty of “old friends” looking to get their time with him could be a distraction he nor this team needs at this point in the season. Especially since they were off Monday (Heard some of the boys were getting after it in GasLamp Quarter Monday Night) and have a early game on Wednesday (12:40 pm local). Can you say Johnny Manziel at the Manning Camp? I’m not saying, I’m just saying. Better keep ’em focused, @SimplyAJ10.

Hey, do you change your kids diapers with those fingers?

As I’ve stated many times and will continue to spew, there are no must wins in baseball until mid September at the earliest for teams that are still in contending “mode”. But if the Orioles continue this annoying trend of dropping games to lesser teams, then that contender moniker will be stripped from their locker room wall.

That’s because a losing West Coast trip could have all of Ocean City/Bethany Beach vacationers pushing that proverbial panic button with those crab-infested fingers long before the Ravens head to Denver for their “opener”. And don’t get me started on that, please….At least not today. #KeithUrban