After details about Adam Jones new deal with the O’s emerged, WJZ’s Mark Viviano made a fantastic point about the Orioles contract extensions.

“Who have they failed to keep,” Viviano tweeted?

Today Baltimore will lockup their star center fielder with the biggest contract in franchise history, six-years at $85.5 million.

Just last season, the Orioles signed shortstop J.J. Hardy to a 3-year, $22 million deal.  In January of 2009 they signed Nick Markakis to a six-year, $66 million deal and inked Brian Roberts to a four-year, $40 million deal in February of that same year.

I suppose you could criticize the Orioles for letting Mike Mussina leave for New York 11 years ago.  Even that came after he played a decade in Baltimore.

If you’re looking to criticize the Orioles, you can take a shot at the franchise for not signing free agents.  But they have a history of locking down their talent.