I’ve read this story a hundred times and still haven’t quite figured it out.  Gloria Friedgen, wife of former Maryland football coach Ralph Friedgen, stopped by College Park to visit the Terps after their disappointing 38-7 loss to Temple, the team’s second loss in a row.

Gloria used to be called the Terps “team mom” as she would walk through the Maryland practices and deliver fruit and snacks to the team.  Jeff Baker of The Sun reports that this week she stopped by to “say hello” and she came equipped with snacks.

When her husband was at the helm, Gloria’s role was fun and probably enjoyed by the players.  Now, it’s crossing the line.  It might even be a little bit weird.  I’m sure that Gloria Friedgen didn’t mean to take it too far, but on the outside I feel as though she certainly did.  It’s one thing to show up after the team comes off a big win, it’s another to make a “surprise” visit days after the new coach, Randy Edsall, went public about trying to change the culture that her husband instilled.  She has no business being there and unless Edsall invites her and if he did after making the comments about Ralph then nothing makes any sense.

The Terps shouldn’t be focused on snacks from the team mom. The fruit rollups and Capri Suns can wait, they ought to be focused on ensuring they don’t get upset again.