Is the excitement of the Ravens defense dead? Are the days of Troy Smith to Joe Flacco long gone? Will Troy Smith get in to run a fake option and run up the middle for a 2 yard gain?

If you’re looking for answers you’re going to have to wait until Sunday. Sorry to say, but I will tell you what I think you can expect to see.

The Ravens have had success in the post-season by being very conservative. They have gotten comfortable with some changes in the offense. I mean, this is in no way the offense of last year.

Count on seeing the no huddle from the Ravens, Flacco to throw a couple deep balls, and I really think Ray Rice is going to make an appearance. He was in the Titans game for a few snaps but never touched the ball. The Ravens might be a little worried about the pressure on a rookie. The offense wins this game by not turning the ball over.

So to answer the question, I think NO, You will not see the Suggs package against Pittsburgh.”