Nolan Reimold was doing his best to make me look like an idiot, but unfortunately a lingering neck injury has slowed him down.

Quick backstory: I’ve questioned Reimold’s ability to be an everyday player, consistent left fielder and leadoff man frequently here on BSR and the Twitter.  So far in 11 games he’s hitting .370 with five homers and is trying to make me look like a buffoon.

Although that shouldn’t be hard.

Unfortunately Reimold has been out of the lineup three of the last four days with lingering neck stiffness.  He played game one against the Angels on Friday, but was out Saturday and Sunday and is on the bench for the Orioles series opener against the Blue Jays tonight.

Dan Connolly at The Sun reported on Friday that Reimold received treatment in Chicago and visited a chiropractor for the stiff next.  “I feel like people think I am delicate, you tap me the wrong way and I’ll crumble,” he said.  “And that’s not the case. It’s just hard to play when you can’t move your neck.”

It’s concerning that Reimold would sit after an off day.  That leads me to believe this issue might be worse than we previously thought. Let’s hope the injury won’t put Nolan on the shelf, even if he does make me look stupid.