To answer my headline, hell no.  But let’s examine this scenario a little closer.

The New Orleans Saints held a workout for Moss on Tuesday  and were impressed with what they saw.  Apparently he looked like the Moss of old and FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer reported that the workout impressed the Saints.

Of course, Moss’ agent, Joel Segal, was impressed with his client’s performance.  He told reporters that “Randy had an outstanding workout.”

With the Ravens on the hunt for a wide receiver this offseason, surely someone has to be wondering if Moss would be a fit in Baltimore?  Hell, fans on Twitter think Peyton Manning would be a fit for the Ravens so Moss-to-Baltimore seems like a logical move in comparison.

As crazy as it sounds, you could argue that Moss is it fit for the Ravens.  John Harbaugh said just a few weeks ago that the Ravens are simply targeting a guy that can catch (I’m looking at you, Lee Evans).  You can criticize Moss for a lot of things, but dropped passes ain’t one of ’em.

I certainly don’t see it happening.  Moss just isn’t the Ravens style.  They don’t like to target guys with character issues — well at least not outside the draft.  But if Moss is 75 percent of what he was two or three years ago, he could be a pretty good threat in the Ravens offense.

Just sayin’.