I don’t mean to be Johnny Raincloud after a nice win for the Ravens on the road in Cleveland, but it seems that all of Baltimore has already forgotten about the team’s announcement to kill public training camp in Westminster.

There’s a reason that bad news comes out on Friday afternoons and a reason why only several hundred people read my original column detailing the Ravens slap in the face to the fans that helped make them one of the most popular franchises is the NFL.  PR firms know that when you have to disappoint your customers, do it over a weekend.  That especially works when your client faces a 4-7 team and rushes for 293 yards against them.

Have you ever seen Office Space? Remember when the Bobs told Peter that it’s best to make terminations on a Friday?  “We find it’s always better to fire people on a Friday. Studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.”

Turn on the radio today, who’s talking about the Ravens training camp move from Westminster?  No one.  And they won’t until July 2012.  I tip my cap to the Ravens organization for a job well done.  You let the fans down in a major way and we’re all too distracted by a lead in the AFC North and a potential home playoff game to even see it.

As you’re celebrating Baltimore’s win over the Browns just remember that the front office doesn’t want you anywhere near John Harbaugh’s practices.  You’re just a distraction from the top secret elite organization that is run here in Baltimore.

The Best Western?  Hah.  These Ravens are way too good for that old hotel.  Sure Tony Siragusa, Michael McCrary and Jamal Lewis all stayed there, but in the organization’s eyes the current group of guys are far superior to those Ravens.

Friday the franchise essentially told its fans that they no longer care to do them any favors.  The Ravens will grant their fans access to a few limited chances to see them practice in a nice controlled environment.  If you care to see them any more than that then you can pay top dollar to show up to a game.  Full price tickets are always available to preseason games.  Don’t expect this franchise to go out of its way for the fans. If a few frustrated season ticket holders dump their PSLs, there are thousands of people in line to scoop them up.

So enjoy the win.  It’s been a hell of a season for the Ravens.  And next summer when practices start and you can’t wait to see the Ravens take the field, you’ll have three chances to see them up close… downtown at M&T Bank Stadium.


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