The Wizards draft was really very, very good.  I would give them an A due to the fact that they added a cornerstone player in John Wall.  They also added some bulk, toughness, and youth with Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker, and Hamady N’diaye.  I don’t think they will be significantly better next year, but by adding John Wall, the Wizards have a cornerstone piece to build for a championship team.  I like the direction the Wizards are going.

As for the other players highlighted on Tuesday, here is how they fared.  In the lottery, the Nets took Derrick Favors and got a really good piece that will complement Brook Lopez and Devin Harris.  It will be interesting to see how they use their cap money and if Favors actually is a Net by training camp.  The Pistons really wanted Demarcus Cousins but Greg Monroe fell in their lap, and in him, they got a big man that can pass and play the low post very well.  The Clippers took Aminu and I just am not sold on him because I am not sure his body and skills will translate to the NBA level.  The Raptors prepared for life without Chris Bosh with the drafting of Ed Davis.  While Davis does not have the offensive skill of Bosh, he can definitely help on the defensive end and will be a good complimentary player to go with Andrea Bargnani.

As for the rest of the first round, I know I may be a bit of a homer, but I loved the Larry Sanders pick by the Bucks.  They addressed deficiencies in their wing play with the trades for Corey Maggette and Chris Douglas-Roberts.  With the Sanders pick, they get a defensive presence that can possibly develop into something special.  He has only been playing organized basketball for six years.  I wasn’t really stoked about the Booker pick initially by the Wizards but I think he will provide the toughness and bulk the Wizards need.  And then Greivis Vasquez was taken by the Memphis Grizzlies.  First of all, I loved his reaction when I heard his name called by David Stern.  My brother was like, “he’s really emotional.”  I just said, “that is just how Greivis is.”  It is his biggest strength and weakness.  Now he does need to work on his quickness but he could do very well playing in Memphis since they are still looking for a point guard.

In the 2nd Round, Ganai Lawal was drafted by the Suns and Solomon Alabi was taken by the Raptors.  Both were taken with mid second round picks and with their height, I can definitely see both of them helping their respective teams.  Both Ryan Reid out of Florida State and Dwayne Collins of the Hurricanes were surprises not just to me but to most people as they had them both outside the top 100 prospects.  The second round is all about swinging for the fences and I thought there was still a lot of solid talent to be had.

This brings me to my next point in regards to Sylven Landesberg, Brian Zoubek, and Jon Scheyer.  All three went undrafted, and the shocker for me was Scheyer because the guy can shoot and would definitely be able to help a team.  I could definitely see him becoming an undrafted free agent for a team.