One night after a historic TLC Pay Per View that was live in our backyard of Baltimore, what would be the fallout on Raw? Two major championships changed hands in Baltimore that involved two of the most popular wrestlers in the world. The follow up show certainly has potential to be very entertaining. Was it?

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 12/19/11

The show begins with a completely black arena and a drum roll. CM Punk does a voice over and welcomes everyone to Raw. He teases the crowd and asks “who won the TLC match last night.” The drum rolls as Punk says “me!” Punk reveals himself to the crowd and makes his way out to the ring. He talks about his match at TLC. The lights go off and he does another tease asking who won the United States Championship match. The drum rolls as Punk announces “Long Island Iced Z” Zack Ryder. The new United States Champion!! What an inspirational story Ryder is too. The guy literally was a jobber who would have lost his job, but decided to start his own internet show. The show got so big that he is now the most popular wrestler in the world. And he’s extremely entertaining. The lights go out again and Punk asks who won the World Heavyweight Championship match at TLC. He talks about how the Big Show won, but then Money In the Bank was cashed in. He announces the new World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. My favorite wrestler in the world, Daniel Bryan comes out to the hot Philadelphia crowd shouting. The same Philadelphia crowd that saw Daniel Bryan make a name for himself and become the best in the world in Ring of Honor. I must say that it was a complete honor for me to sit in that arena last night in Baltimore and watch Daniel Bryan win his first ever World Championship. It was one of the greatest wrestling moments I’ve ever experienced. CM Punk stands in the ring with Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan and says that the one crowd who would appreciate this scene would be Philadelphia. He puts Philly over as the crowd chants “ECW.” Punk talks abut how he and Daniel Bryan met 10 years ago right down the street. Punk says he has nothing else to say and wants to hear from the two new champs. Zack Ryder says he’s in shock about being a champion and called his dad this morning to ask if he was really champion. His dad said “woo woo woo you know it.” Daniel Bryan says people never expected him to make it to the WWE. He says Michael Cole is one of those guys and rubs it in his face that he is World Heavyweight Champion. The Miz comes out without music and stands at the top of the stage. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio follow him. Jerry Lawler says “who asked last night’s losers to come out here?” The three heels surround the ring but the faces fight them off. The heels huddle together for a game plan and Zack Ryder hits a 450 splash on them all to the outside. Punk and Bryan chase the heels off to the back, but they are met by John Laurinaitis on the stage. Laurinaitis makes the predictable 6 man tag team match main event. He says it’s his Christmas present to everyone. I have to comment about how cool it is to see Punk, Bryan, and Ryder in these situations. They are literally my three favorite wrestlers in the company, and that’s not because I’m a wrestling mark. It’s because I like pure wrestlers, and the best two “wrestlers” in the world are Bryan and Punk. And Ryder is more deserving than anyone because of the way he used social media and dedication to get himself over. This is a very exciting time in the world of pro wrestling. Wrestling seriously has a chance to be as good as it’s been in a long time. Could this new age of social media and fan interaction propelling these 3 guys be the beginning of a new era? Could Punk/Bryan/Ryder grow as popular as Stone Cold/Shawn Michaels/Undertaker and bring the “social era?” Could it be as big as the “attitude era?” It’s unlikely, but I’d love to see it happen.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett- One night after their mediocre tables match at TLC we get the rematch. Orton defeated Barrett at TLC with a semi-botched RKO through a table. Unfortunately Barrett’s knees went through the table. Barrett starts this match with a poke to the eye. He stomps Orton down in the corner. Irish whip into the corner, but Orton counters with a clothesline and same hard European uppercuts. Orton goes for the old school 10 punches on the turnbuckle, but Barrett climbs out after just 5. Orton hits him with a drop kick and stays in control. He stomps Barrett’s head, but Barrett smartly rolls out of the ring to avoid the complete body stomps. Nice game plan by Barrett tonight. On the outside Barrett takes control with a kick to the gut. He suplexs Orton’s ribs onto the outside barricade and hits a viscous boot to the head. Very solid start to the this match. Unfortunately it’s commercial break time. That will ruin a match real fast. Back from commercial Orton charges Barrett in the corner but gets booted in the face. Barrett wraps Orton up in the ropes and hits multiple knees to the gut followed by another boot. Orton crashes to the outside floor. Barrett chases him and sends Orton’s ribs into the ring apron. He tosses Orton back into the ring for a near fall. A long chin lock slows the match down. Orton fights out with punches and clotheslines. Snap powerslam from Randy. He sets up for the hanging DDT off the ropes but Barrett counters into a Wasteland attempt. Orton elbows in the face, rolls out, and hits the hanging DDT off the ropes. Orton pounds the mat for the RKO but Barrett hits another thumb to the eye. The bell rings for the disqualification. While Orton is blinded Barrett stomps away at him. He throws Orton into “The Winds of Change” which is a Bossman Slam. Barrett gets a table from underneath the ring. He sets it up in the ring and hits another big boot on Orton. Barrett picks Orton up and hits Wasteland through the table. Very nice spot. It looked sick. Solid opening match. Great psychology. Barrett is getting more and more impressive.

They show the picture highlights of Triple H beating Kevin Nash at the TLC PPV. Cole says that Kevin Nash suffered multiple body contusions and a nasal fracture. He is apparently out at least 6 weeks. Good. I don’t want to see him for 6 weeks. It took a lot for Triple H to carry him at the PPV. Nash did find a way to screw up the Pedigree.

Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox- Alicia hits some nice high kicks to start the match, but Beth counters with a sidewalk slam. Alicia Fox is the #1 trend worldwide on Twitter. Beth goes for a suplex but Alicia counters and slams her head to the mat. Alicia hits her flipping leg drop finisher for the win. Two minute match. Really?????? Beth has dominated the woman’s division for how long now? She has taken out every diva in the company in dominating fashion and now she loses in two minutes? That makes no sense at all. Zero. I think Alicia Fox is the best woman wrestler in the company and I’ve been saying that in this article way before WWE decided to push her recently. But even Alicia doesn’t deserve to beat Beth that quickly. Terrible idea. Alicia has a new spunky attitude, which is actually kinda weird. She picks up the mic and cuts an awkward promo saying “Hiiiiii. I hope everyone has a foxy Christmas.” Seriously…that’s what she said.

Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal- Jinder comes out wearing a turban for the first time ever to my knowledge. He cuts a half Indian half English promo. Hindu maybe? Mahal takes control aggressively. Sheamus fires back with stiff body clubs. Mahal counters an Irish whip with a boot to the face. Mahal with a very impressive dropkick to the face, followed by a high knee. Sheamus gets out of a chin lock and fires back with clotheslines. Sheamus goes to the top rope, but Mahal moves. Sheamus rolls through and hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker. Then comes the Celtic Cross for the win. Another solid match. It was a little short for my liking, but solid.

John Cena comes out to the ring. He jokes that there are some people out there who apparently don’t like him. He says some are in the crowd and one is The Rock. He puts over their match at Wrestlemania again. Then he talks about Kane and how he attacked him last week. WWE Network is officially trending on Twitter (because there was a promo for it in the last commercial break.) Cena sends a message to Kane and says they should handle their business. Mark Henry comes out instead. I’m happy to say “former champion” Mark Henry. Henry says that if it weren’t for Kane then Cena would have been the newest inductee to the hall of pain. The hot Philly crowd chants “sexual chocolate.” Have I mentioned that Philly crowds are the best in the world when it comes to wrestling? The worst in baseball, but the best in wrestling. Henry gets into the ring to fight Cena…but then….BANG. Pyro explodes, the lights go out, the arena turns red, and Kane appears in the same metal mask. Kane stalks Henry around the ring but then turns his head towards Cena. He takes off the metal mask to show the original mask. He climbs into the ring, but Cena attacks him and sends him back to the outside with a clothesline. Kane drags Cena out of the ring and throws him over the announce table. He does some sort of face claw with Cena laying on top of the table. Cena is bleeding from the mouth. Kane rips off Cena’s shirt and leaves. Cena is groggy on the announce table as Kane heads up the ramp staring at Cena’s shirt. After ten years Kane is finally cool again.

Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes vs. The Uso’s- I have to start out by saying that I am highly impressed with both of these tag teams on Smackdown lately. The new tag team of the cousins Primo and Epico are a very good team. The Uso’s are very much improved and are putting on solid matches every week. The match between these two teams last week on Smackdown was the best on the card, and I’m very glad to see it brought to Raw. The Uso’s come out to their native war dance, which is pretty cool to see. They chant together and smack their knees before a big pyro explosion. I must also note that this match will be tough to write about because these guys look the same. The Uso’s do a quick double team off the top rope elbow drop across the knees. An Uso does a pretty sweet back elbow shot off the top rope to the apron. The action is very quick and includes some quick dropkicks. Epico slows the match down with a chin lock as Rosa Mendes runs her mouth in Spanish on the outside. They are really trying to push Rosa as a sex symbol. They spend a lot of time showing her on camera. A hot tag is made in the ring to an Uso twin which results in a sweet slam. The Uso hits the Rikishi hard running thigh in the corner. Primo makes it into the ring and sends one Uso to the outside. The other hits a nice enzuguri kick. Primo comes from behind with the Back Stabber for the win. Jerry Lawler accidentally calls Primo his brother Carlito. Whoops. Another good match from these 4. It was too fast to call. If you haven’t seen their matches yet you should. Rosa dances in the ring as Primo and Epico celebrate.

In the back Cody Rhodes talks about how he beat Booker T at TLC. Santino Marella comes up to him with a box and tells him it’s his Christmas present. He throws his arm out of the box with the cobra glove on. He hisses at Cody and warns him about the Cobra. He calls him Coby Rhodes. Pretty funny actually.

Santino Marella vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes- Santino comes out with his karate shirt and cobra glove. Santino bows when the bell rings, but Cody kicks him in the face. He powers Santino into the corner and chokes him. Russian leg sweep from Rhodes. He works Santino’s arm with stomps. Santino takes control quickly and goes for the Cobra, but he’s picked up into the Alabama Slam. Rhodes gets the 3 count for the win. Quick unimpressive match to put the champ over.

In the back John Laurinaitis, The Bella Twins, and David Otunga are standing in front of a Christmas tree. The Bella’s are arguing and call each other fluzzies. Laurinaitis stops them and wishes them a merry Christmas. The kiss him on the cheeks. Stupid. Vickie Guerrero comes in angry and says she wants a rematch for Ziggler. Hornswoggle walks up with mistletoe and kisses her. She screams. I vomited a little.

A behind the scenes video is shown with Zack Ryder and his father after the TLC PPV. Zack’s dad, who is famous for his cameos on Z True Long Island Story, says he’s proud of his son. No mention of The Big O who is beside him. They should mention that guy because he’s going to get so famous that they have to sign him. For those of you who don’t watch Ryder’s show….then start.

Josh Mathews interviews The Big Show. He talks about how great it was to win the World Championship after a 9 year drought. He said he was speechless about Bryan cashing his Money In the Bank in on him. He says that it’s his fault that he encouraged Bryan to cash in a few weeks ago and that he has to give him credit. Josh Mathews informs him that he now holds the record for the shortest World Heavyweight title reign in history. Big Show looks angry, only says “okay”, and walks off.

The newest cryptic video cuts into some video of Alberto Del Rio. This weeks video is just a bunch of shots that we’ve seen in weeks past. The little boy is standing in the corner looking at nothing, kind of like the end of the Blair Witch Project. Remember that movie? The little girl walks over to the desk and throws the little boy’s notebook to the ground. Her voice is heard saying “I can not help you anymore. Do you understand?” Then a fullscreen with the word “Prophetless” is seen. We are only two weeks away from finding out who these videos are for. My money is once again on Jericho. Jericho has told everyone that he will be in Hawaii on January 2nd. Hence the shots of the waves crashing on the beach last week. His catch phrase “never be the same again” was also said during last week’s video. He has also made an extra effort recently to try to get people to think he’s not coming back. He has been doing interviews talking about how he is going full time again with his band Fozzy. That seems a little suspicious to me. All of this prophet stuff, and end of the world stuff, with his biblical name really fits. Here is what I think should be done with this angle, and how they can tie the female in. The entire conspiracy angle with CM Punk was never finished. I believe Stephanie McMahon should be the one who was behind all that. They can show the clips of CM Punk talking bad about her and bad mouthing her a few months ago on pay per view. What Punk did was actually pretty reminiscent of what Jericho used to do. Punk also calls himself “best in the world” while Jericho used to say “I’m the best in the world at what I do.” The two have also had a war of words on Twitter months ago, which was probably staged. Stephanie needs to say that she was behind the conspiracy on Punk and has been looking for another way to get back at him. So she found an old rival who now has a common enemy with her. So she can “beckon” Jericho and work out the negotiations for his re-hire to come in and take care of CM Punk. This all leads to CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. I’m not sure if that is exactly how it will happen, but it’s how it should happen. Or I could be completely wrong about it being Jericho and it really could be The Undertaker, Kharma, Brock Lesnar, or Goldberg. Another name I’ve never mentioned is Bobby Lashley. He is also married to an ex WWE diva and has been doing a lot of wrestling interviews recently. They are all just suggestions as I still believe these videos hype the return of Jericho. We will find out January 2nd!

WWE Champion CM Punk, World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, and United States Champion Zack Ryder vs. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero- Zack Ryder makes his entrance through the audience. Could that be a new trend? I like it. Maybe it was just a one time thing to tape for his web show. Daniel Bryan also comes out through the crowd. And then of course CM Punk does the same. Michael Cole calls them the 3 stooges and says he’s embarrassed to be a part of Raw. The Miz and Punk start with a tie up. Punk with a shoulder block, quick cover, and arm bar. He chain wrestles into a tag to Bryan. Double leap frog from Punk and Bryan followed by a drop kick. Ziggler is tagged in but is quickly caught by Bryan with a double knee stomp. Ryder is tagged in as he and Bryan dumped all 3 guys to the outside. Bryan fakes them out with a fake dive and Ryder hits a 450 splash to the outside. Bryan hits a running knee off the apron to the outside. Punk then jumps off the top rope to the outside. The three pose in the ring as commercial strikes. Flying clothesline from Bryan to Miz after the break. Hard chest kicks by Bryan, but the last is missed. Miz catches him with a DDT from the knees and quickly tags Del Rio. Del Rio stomps away in the corner and hits a grounded dropkick to the head. Ziggler comes in to work on Bryan some more. We get a chin lock and clothesline from him before The Miz is tagged back in. Hard boot to the face keeps Bryan grounded. Del Rio again but Bryan catches him with European uppercuts. Del Rio reverses an Irish whip before using an enzuguri in the corner. Del Rio works Bryan’s arm on the mat. Bryan fights out but is caught in a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Ziggler comes back in and charges Bryan in the corner, but he’s caught with a boot to the face. Hot tag to Ryder who hits clotheslines and a face plant. He fist pumps Ziggler’s face followed by the Broski Boot in the corner (Samoa Joe face squash.) Punk fist pumps with him and laughs. Ryder smartly knocks the guys off the apron, but only gets a near fall. Ziggler hits a dropkick out of nowhere and tags Miz. Running knee lift and chin lock by the awesome one. Another tag to Del Rio who misses a charge to the corner and is launched outside to the floor. Hot tag to CM Punk who takes down the recently tagged Miz. Swinging neck breaker, clothesline in the corner, and running bulldog. Body slam by Punk as he climbs the top rope. Macho Man elbow drop. Punk hooks the Anaconda Vice in but Ziggler breaks it up. Ryder pulls him to the outside. Tag to Del Rio but Bryan hits a missle drop kick off the top. Punk hits Miz with the Go To Sleep. Del Rio sends Bryan’s shoulder into the corner and goes for the Cross Arm Breaker. Bryan counters it into the Lebell Lock and gets Del Rio to tap out. It’s been a long time coming for me to see Daniel Bryan get the win in the main event on Raw. The three faces celebrate with the crowd.

Great stuff tonight. I love it. To me it doesn’t get any better than seeing the guys with the most talent being put over on Raw. It just so happens that those three guys are the biggest faces in the company. I personally am a guy who usually likes the heels better, because they are more entertaining, but for the first time in my entire life I’m rooting for the top faces. And that’s just a coincidence because I would root for Bryan and Punk regardless of whether or not they were faces or heels. I actually would like to see Daniel Bryan turn heel on Big Show. I would prefer to see CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, and I’ve been saying that in these articles for weeks. Aside from a few short matches I have nothing to complain about. Keep pushing Punk, Bryan, and Ryder because it’s what the people want. And by “the people” I mean the wrestling marks and the smart marks. 100% of the wrestling target audience like these three guys. As long as they reign we could see a big ratings boost. I sure hope a new era is beginning.

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