By now everyone is aware of the medical emergency that took place on Monday night involving Jerry “The King” Lawler. He legitimately collapsed at ring side while doing commentary for the show. Sources have said that Lawler immediately needed CPR and was not responding at first. He was soon rushed to a local medical facility. Again, this is not a work of any sort. This is a real life and scary situation. This event obviously set an eerie tone for the show after the emergency took place. Lawler’s health is more important than anything that took place after this unfortunate event. I will continue to recap the show as normal, but want it to be known that Lawler’s condition is not being ignored as I go through the ending of this show. Best wishes to Jerry “The King” Lawler.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 9/10/12 from Montreal, Quebec Canada

Raw begins with Bret “Hitman” Hart coming to the ring. My favorite wrestler of all time. I am ecstatic to see him each and every appearance that he makes. This should be a very unique night since Bret is appearing in Montreal. Of course we all know about the famous 1997 “Montreal screw job” when Bret left the company. He has not appeared in a WWE ring in Montreal since that dreaded night. The place is electric as Bret comes to the ring. It’s extremely loud. Montreal is famous for giving ovations like this. If you remember back, Hulk Hogan had a huge ovation after his WWE return that lasted over 15 minutes in Montreal. One of the greatest moments in wrestling history. And it’s already happening again. Bret can’t get a single line out. It’s too loud. The crowd starts to sing “olay.” Then they chant “thank you Bret.”

Bret says that Montreal has been in his heart for 15 years. He said the fans there got him through the dark days. Bret says he stands proud of everything that he did on “that day.” He thanks the people. CM Punk’s music hits. I was waiting for that. What is the best way to get Punk over as a heel in Canada? Have him interrupt Bret Hart during this historic moment. Punk comes to the ring in his Bret Hart pink tights and boots. The same wrestling gear that he wore at Summerslam that paid homage to Bret. The crowd boos Punk as he enters the ring. Punk talks about the book that Bret wrote about the “Montreal screw job.” Punk wants to know what would have happened if he was the one wrestling Bret on “that night.” Bret says he would have locked the Sharp Shooter in and beaten Punk in under a minute. Punk says he would have won, Vince wouldn’t have screwed Bret, the “Attitude Era” wouldn’t have happened, and Punk would have left the sinking ship for WCW. Punk says the WWE wouldn’t have existed. Bret asks “you would have left for WCW?” “I underestimated your intelligence.” Great line! I was never a WCW supporter. Hated it.

Bret says “the best in the world” would have been beaten by “the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.” Punk takes a shot at Jerry Lawler by telling Bret that he can call himself the “King of Memphis” but it doesn’t make it true. Bret says that Jerry Lawler has never walked out like a coward like Punk did last week. He shows the video of Punk laying Cena out in the parking lot. Punk and Bret get into a shouting contest about respect. Punk tells Bret that he has been WWE Champion longer than Bret ever was. Punk says he is the best WWE Champion of all time. He says that he deserves the ovation that Bret got tonight in every single arena. Punk says that Bret is overrated like John Cena is. He says that at Night of Champions he will put John Cena to sleep. Bret says that Punk is putting all the people in the arena to sleep right now. Big pop from the crowd for that one. Punk calls Bret an empty shell of a man and walks out. The crowd chants “ass hole.” That’s a chant I haven’t heard in a very long time. Well done Canada. Excellent promo. Excellent heat for Punk.

WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. Intercontinental Champion The Miz and United States Champion Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana- Cesaro does his normal talk in 5 languages shtick on the way to the ring. Pretty cool idea to see 4 champions in one match. I like it. Kofi locks in a headlock on Miz to start the match. He reverses an Irish whip into a monkey flip. Kofi goes for a cover but doesn’t even get a one count. Good. If you go for a cover on crap like that I hope someone is smart enough to kick out early. Kofi and Truth hit some double team stuff before Kofi dives to the outside on Miz and Cesaro. Commercial break. Weird that they went to commercial two weeks in a row in Kofi’s match after a short beginning. I like it much better when they separate the matches more evenly. Please continue to cut to commercial during the middle of matches and not off of the top. Doesn’t make sense to me.

Back from break Truth is in a chin lock. Aksana is laying underneath the ropes inside the ring. I like it. Haven’t seen a valet do that before. Unique is good. Keep doing it. Miz is tagged in and boots Truth in the face. Running clothesline through the ropes. Miz goes to the top rope and hits an axe handle on Truth. Then comes another rest hold. Truth tries to fight out, but is hit with a high knee. Miz charges but is nailed with a spinning heel kick. Hot tag to Kofi. Kofi uses multiple high chops and clotheslines on Cesaro. Boom Drop. Miz pops up on the apron, but is drop kicked off. The distraction gives Cesaro control. Irish whip into the corner, but Kofi spins through and kicks Cesaro in the head. Kofi climbs to the top rope and hits a cross body for a two count. Miz and Truth hit the ring, but are dumped to the outside. Cesaro uses a roll up and grabs the tights. Only a 2 count. Kofi ducks a clothesline attempt and hits Trouble in Paradise. 3 count. Kofi and Truth win.

I am angry. Are you kidding me? You just let your NEW United States Champion job? Your Intercontinental Champion just lost for the second consecutive week too. And who did you put over on them? Your terrible tag team champions whose titles have no significance? So in trying to build up your mid card champions you decide to bury them against guys who have worthless titles? This is not how you book professional wrestling. When you have champions you put them over. Especially when they are in insignificant matches that have no impact on any sort of storyline. You don’t make them job for no apparent reason. So now the tag team, Intercontinental, and United States championships all have no realistic value. Do these writers know the first thing about booking? Seriously. What a joke. Cesaro and Miz do not deserve this. Having titles is no reward when they wont be used correctly.

Sheamus and Ricardo Rodriguez court video. The video is from earlier today and happens at WWE Headquarters in Connecticut. David Otunga is sitting on one side of the table with Ricardo Rodriguez who is in a neck brace. Sheamus is on the other side of the table with his lawyer. Sheamus is in a jolly and joking mood. Otunga asks Sheamus for his last name. Sheamus says its “Lipschitz.” He says he is half Irish and half Jewish. He continues to make jokes that aren’t very funny. Then he says he is joking about his last name. Riveting. Otunga starts his trial. Sheamus answers with “si senor.” Not funny. Sheamus admits to hitting a Brogue Kick on Ricardo. Otunga brings up Sheamus Brogue Kicking a referee and Daniel Bryan. Sheamus cuts off all of Otunga’s questions with Daniel Bryan’s YES chants. They talk about Wrestlemania. Sheamus brings up 18 seconds. This is stupid. They are obviously trying to play off of the success of the Daniel Bryan and Kane anger management videos. But this comedy video isn’t working. Otunga continues to talk about the Brogue Kick. Sheamus gets up and Brogue Kicks a video camera. It was a weird black and white video camera that they kept cutting to. I was trying to figure out why that camera existed and now I know. The fuzzy broken camera picture fills the screen as you hear Sheamus singing a Jewish song in the background. Uhhh no.

Diva’s Champion Layla, Kaitlyn, and Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox, and Natalya- Eve is playing a new sarcastic character where she is acting like a face. So she is on the face team. That element could be interesting. First time I’ve seen Beth, Alicia, and Natalya in awhile. Since when is Alicia a heel? She is never shown enough for me to know. Beth and Kaitlyn start. Beth pushes her into the corner and back elbows her in the face. Kaitlyn reverses with shoudler thrusts. She is Irish whipped into the corner, but gets her boot up to stop the momentum, and clotheslines Beth. Beth takes back over and tags Natalya. Spinning clothesline from Natalya. Lots of whistles from the men in the crowd to the native Canadian Natalya. Alicia is tagged in and hits a bridging suplex. Nicely done. Alicia is the best wrestler they have. Alicia misses a big boot in the corner. Hot tag to Layla. Clotheslines, back heel kick. springboard clothesline. She goes to bounce off the ropes, but is blind tagged by Eve. Eve hits a neck breaker on Alicia for the quick win. Eve sarcastically celebrates cheerfully with the other Diva’s. She raises their arms in the air. I’m liking this new angle. Eve is actually entertaining.

AJ Lee and CM Punk are in the back. Punk wants to know why he has a match and John Cena doesn’t. He is also angry about the Twitter vote that chooses his opponent. Punk asks AJ if she’s still embarrassed that he rejected her. AJ says that the people will choose Punk’s fate because he walked out on them last week. Punk turns around and runs into Brodus Clay. Brodus is one of the Twitter choices. As is Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton. The Canadian crowd actually boos Brodus Clay. Interesting.

WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Randy Orton- Michael Cole reveals the Twitter results. 75% for Randy Orton. This is a Wrestlemania rematch from a few years ago. They stole the show that year. Side headlock from Punk to start. He is whipped off the ropes, but hits a shoulder block. Tie up. Another whip has the same shoulder block result. Punk charges and is it hit with a hip toss. They two seperate and tie up again. Side head lock by Orton this time. Split “let’s go Orton, CM Punk” chants from the loud crowd. Punk pushes Orton into the corner and stomps him. Back breaker by Punk for a one count. I love one counts. Sleeper hold by Punk. The pace of this match is pretty slow. Orton tries to get out, but he’s knocked to the mat in the hold. Orton elbows and headbutts out. He punches Punk in the corner. Leapfrog after an Irish whip. Orton goes for the RKO, but Punk slips out of it. Punk rolls to the outside floor having realized how quick Orton is. Punk begins to walk up the ramp to leave. Orton chases him down and meets him with a back clothesline at the top of the ramp. He punches away at Punk all the way down the ramp and into the ring. Orton tries to re-enter the ring, but his legs are drop kicked. Orton hits his knee off the apron. That’s a commercial spot.

Back from break Orton is in an abdominal stretch. Orton hip tosses Punk out of it. He attempts a knee drop to the face, but Punk moves. Orton is selling his knee because of the move that happened before the commercial spot and because of the missed knee drop. Punk climbs to the second rope and uses Shawn Michael’s elbow drop. This is in reference to the Montreal screw job. Then he spits out his gum and smacks it like Michaels used to. Punk climbs to the top rope, but Orton knocks him off. Superplex by Orton results in a two count. The two forearm and punch each other back up for momentum. Orton charges, but is hit with a back heel kick. Punk charges and is hit with multiple clotheslines. Punk holds on to the ropes, but is still hit with a back body drop. Punk climbs to the outside apron. Orton kicks him and attempts the DDT through the ropes. Punk comes back with a hard kick to the head. Sprinboard forearm from the outside by Punk. Two count. Punk signals the GTS.

Orton elbows out of the GTS and goes for the RKO. Punk pushes him off. Orton comes back with his inverted back breaker for a two count. Orton throws Punk through the ropes and hits the hanging DDT. Nasty impact. Orton signals RKO. Dolph Ziggler hits the ring from behind. He pushes Orton into Punk. Punk flies over the rope and to the outside. Orton hits a snap power slam on Ziggler. Punk comes from behind and is hit with a snap power slam. Orton signals RKO again. Ziggler comes from behind again. The two double team Punk. Jerry Lawler takes off his head set and hits the ring for the save. Orton and Lawler throw the heels to the outside and celebrate. Orton and Lawler then jump to the outside and continue to pound away at the heels. This takes us to an odd commercial break that cuts Michael Cole off mid sentence. This leads to a match.

Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler vs. CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero- They say that AJ Lee made this match official during the break. Ziggler hits a neck breaker on Orton for a two count. Ziggler Irish whips Orton into the corner, but is met with a clothesline. Orton stomps away at the body of Ziggler. Orton suplexs Ziggler for a two count. Tag to Lawler. Drop kick to the face by Lawler. He goes to the second rope and hits the flying fist drop. He goes to the rope again and hits another fist drop for a two count. Ziggler comes back with his own dropkick. Jumping elbow drop followed by a side headlock. Lawler fights out but bumps to a hard right hand. Ziggler chokes Lawler with his boot. He hooks in a chin lock and taunts Orton. Ziggler pie faces Lawler and struts around the ring. Quick elbow drop for another two count. Another chin lock rest hold. Lawler counters with a back suplex.

Hot tag to Orton. Multiple clotheslines and a snap power slam. Hanging DDT through the ropes is reversed as Orton is back body dropped to the outside floor. Paul Heyman makes his way down the aisle. He walks over and talks to Punk. Vickie Guerrero gets in their faces and shouts “excuse me.” Punk and Heyman ignore her as Vickie shouts in their face. Heyman grabs the WWE Championship and gives it to Punk. They talk about Montreal as the match continues. Ziggler hits a roll up for a two count. Orton comes back with an RKO. 1-2-3. Orton and Lawler win. Punk and Heyman walk to the back continuing their discussion. Lawler and Orton look confused.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman are walking in the back. Matt Striker asks them about the nature of their relationship. They look at each other. Punk says he’s a Paul Heyman guy. Then they walk off. Good enough answer for me.

Daniel Bryan and Kane are in the back. Both guys were told that they had something that the other wanted to say to them. Dr. Shelby is behind this! He walks into the room. I love Dr. Shelby. I wish he was my doctor. Bryan shouts and asks what he’s doing there. AJ Lee walks in and says she asked for him to be there. Dr. Shelby says his idea will make Bryan and Kane’s fate rely on trusting one another. Yay a Bryan and Kane tag team!

Heath Slater is in the ring. Slater got the “already in the ring” jobber entrance. Slater cuts a promo and said that last week Ryder got lucky. He wants his rematch right now.  Zack Ryder appears on the Titan Tron. He says that Slater already has an opponent tonight. He says it’s not Ry-der, but it’s close enough. Out comes Ryback.

“One Man Band” Heath Slater vs. Ryback- Side headlock from Slater to start. Ryback whips him off and he super bumps to the outside floor thorough the ropes. Awesome over sell. As good as Shawn Michaels and his over sells against Hulk Hogan at Summerslam 2005!  Slater attempts punches, but they don’t work. Finally he drop kicks Ryback in the knee and hits a neck breaker. These moves are only angering Ryback. DDT from the knees by Slater. Only a one count on that one. I love one counts. Slater attempts a big boot, but it’s ducked, and Slater is destroyed with a clothesline. Ryback picks him up from the mat and hits a power bomb. “Finish him!” Shell Shocked by Ryback. The 3 count. Ryback wins. Heath Slater is a jobber. But I kinda like him as a jobber. As long as he’s being used I’m fine. He’s a charismatic comedy heel. There aren’t a whole lot of guys that he should be put over on. Just keep using him because he’s entertaining. The crowd chants “Feed me more” with Ryback.

AJ Lee and The Prime Time Players are in the back. They come in dancing around her with a whistle. They want to know why AJ Lee called them into her office. She says it’s because there has been a mistake. She says they aren’t the #1 contenders to the tag titles. Titus O’Neil blows a whistle and says “personal foul.” They sing and dance around her saying “millions of dollars.” AJ says that they have one more team to beat. The team is Kane and Daniel Bryan. Prime Time Players are angry and walk out.

#1 Contenders Match: Daniel Bryan and Kane vs. Prime Time Players- Bryan and Kane argue over who will start the match. Titus attacks Kane. Kane comes back with uppercuts. Punches in the corner. Chop to the chest tag to Bryan. Hard kicks in the corner by Bryan. Back elbow by Titus followed by a quick running clothesline by Young. The two double team Bryan. Titus slams Bryan and kicks him in the back. Hard elbows in the corner. Young is tagged in and hits a bridging suplex. Young pulls back at the mouth of Bryan. Bryan fights up and charges, but is hit with a back elbow. Tag to Titus. Titus suplexs Young onto Bryan. Titus chokes Bryan against the ropes. Bryan fights back with hard kicks but is power slammed. The Jerry Lawler emergency happens. Lawler can actually be seen in the background slouched over in his chair. Very scary moment to actually see Lawler in the background. His voice did start to get faint leading up to the moment. Michael Cole’s voice is scratchy. He is very scared and upset. Kane is staring over at the table as EMT’s hit the scene. Darren Young hooks in a rest hold. Michael Cole goes silent and nothing is said on commentary for minutes at a time.

Suplex by Bryan as I’m TRYING to pay attention to what is happening in the ring as I promised in my intro. Bryan climbs to the top rope and misses a head butt off the top. Young hooks in another chin lock. Bryan hits multiple hard kicks to the chest of Young. Every time a wide shot is shown you can see Michael Cole looking over at the scene. Kane is tagged in and hits a sidewalk slam for a two count. Kane climbs to the top rope and hits a diving clothesline. Chokeslam to Young. Kane sends Titus over the top rope. Bryan tags himself in. He goes for the cover, but is grabbed around the throat. Kane chokeslams Bryan. Bryan lands on the mat, but his arm lands on top of Young. The referee counts 3. Kane and Daniel Bryan win. Nice finish. Funny angle. Kane raises Bryan’s arm in the air, but Bryan falls to the mat. I think this angle is perfect. Highly entertaining. I’m trying to stay positive as all I can think about is the Lawler situation.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Tyson Kidd- Alberto attacks Kidd visciously with punches and stomps. Tyson sends Alberto off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick. He attempts a Sharp Shooter but is kicked off. He charges Del Rio but is hit with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Del Rio hooks in a chin lock. Kidd fights out, but is headbutted in the face. Del Rio charges Kidd, who is on the ropes, but Kidd moves, and Del Rio slides to the outside. Hard kick to the face by Kidd sends Del Rio to the outside. Kidd throws him back into the ring, but is met first by Del Rio. Hard running kick to the chest by Del Rio. He attmpts a Sharp Shooter. The crowd boos Del Rio for that. Kidd reverses it into his own Sharp Shooter. Del Rio tries to get to the ropes. Kidd pulls him back to the center of the ring. Del Rio fights to the bottom rope for the rope break. He attmpts an over the rope elbow drop, but Del Rio moves. He climbs back in the ring and applies the Cross Arm Breaker. Tyson Kidd taps out. Alberto Del Rio wins. Good little quick match. It wasn’t long enough though. I want wrestling. More of it. Longer matches please. Del Rio grabs the mic. He asks Sheamus if he’s watching. He calls Tyson Kidd a Canadian peasant. The crowd boos loudly. He tells Sheamus that it’s time for him to lose the World Heavyweight title. Terrible promo.

Michael Cole informs the TV audience of the Jerry Lawler emergency. He tries to fight back tears as he talks straight into the camera. He tells the people that Lawler is getting CPR in the back. He stresses that what has happened is in no way part of tonight’s entertainment. I will now take this time to say that what happened tonight was very real. It is also very scary. I hate to say that Michael Cole’s emotional moment reminded a lot of the night that Owen Hart died. It is a very eerie thing to say because of Bret Hart being in the building. But this is the second time in my life that I have seen an announcement like this during WWE programming. I will also say that if anyone leaves a comment on this article claiming that what happened tonight was not “real” or was a “storyline” or a “work” the comment will not be responded to and will be deleted. This is a very serious situation. After the break Michael Cole is no longer on head set. There is no commentary. A graphic airs showing Sheamus’ recent Tweets that would normally be voiced over and explained. But there is no commentary.

Sheamus vs. David Otunga- Otunga attacks Sheamus visciously. He stomps him in the corner. Otunga slaps Sheamus against the ropes. Sheamus pushes him down and sends his knees into him. Chest pounds through the ropes by Sheamus. I have to say that it is very eerie and somber to not hear any commentary anymore. Really puts the emotion into perspective. Sheamus hits White Noise on Otunga. He hooks in the Texas Cloverleaf for the submission. Sheamus wins. Still don’t like the idea of Sheamus being a submission wrestler. The angle is that the Brogue Kick was banned by Booker T on Smackdown. So he has to use another move to win. So I get it, but I just don’t like it. The crowd chants “Brogue Kick.” Sheamus runs back down the ramp and into the ring. Running Brogue Kick is nailed on Otunga. AJ Lee comes out to the ramp. She says Sheamus disobeyed authority. Booker T’s music hits. He tells AJ that he will handle the situation since it’s the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker tells Sheamus that he will be stripped of his championship the next time he uses the Brogue Kick. At least Sheamus finally has some sort of angle that he’s in. I guess this no Brogue Kick thing is better than a pointless feud with Del Rio. The banned move thing is overdone and stale.

Still no commentary on the show. Coming back from break more graphics air as they normally would. But there is still nobody to speak over them. Michael Cole is obviously too upset to be out there. It was certainly the right call by Vince McMahon to pull the commentary from this show. It wouldn’t make sense to me to hear Michael Cole in “fake emotion” as his partner and friend was fighting for his life in the back.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth Tout. They react to Daniel Bryan and Kane being the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship at Night of Champions.

Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Dr. Shelby are in the back. Bryan is complaining about his neck hurting. Dr. Shelby is happy that they worked as a team. Bryan calmly says “I didn’t appreciate the chokeslam.” Funny stuff. Bryan says he might learn to like the team of Daniel Bryan and Kane. Kane wants it to be called Kane and Daniel Bryan. They start to argue. Dr. Shelby shouts to break it up. He wants to call the team “Team Friendship.” They shout no in his face and walk off arguing. YES YES YES YES YES!!!! Team Friendship!!!! I love it!!!!!! I want a Team Friendship t-shirt.

Michael Cole is back to address the Jerry Lawler emergency. He stresses once again that this is a “real life situation.” His voice is very scratchy as he tries to explain things. He tells people that Jerry Lawler has been rushed to the hospital, but is breathing on his own. He says that out of respect to Jerry there will be no further commentary tonight.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes- I’m honestly not very excited to see either of these guys nowadays. Quick start with plenty of leap frogs. Mysterio stomps the face of Cody after he lays down for a run over. More whips off the ropes results in Cody dropping to his back and hitting an uppercut ala his brother Goldust. Running knee to the face by Cody that I really liked. Front suplex. Cody rakes the eyes of Mysterio. Mysterio fights back with kicks to the shin. Cody grabs him and attempts Cross Rhodes, but Mysterio knees him in the face. He charges Mysterio, but the top rope is held, and Cody falls to the outside floor. hurricanrana off the apron to the outside floor. Once in the ring Cody hits a back elbow to the face and a Beautiful Disaster Kick. Two count. Cody continues to stomp Mysterio. He charges him in the corner, but goes shoulder first after Mysterio moves. Running hurricanrana by Rey. He flips up Cody’s body and hits a bulldog. Leap frog by Mysterio followed by a kick to the face. Two count.

Mysterio goes to the top rope and hits a flying Senton. He is kicked in the gut on the charge back. He escapes Cody’s shoulders and drop kicks him. Cody falls onto the ropes. Mysterio attempts the 619, but Miz appears out of nowhere. Instead Mysterio drop kicks Miz. Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the win. After the match Miz goes to attack Mysterio. Cody Rhodes grabs Miz from behind and hits Cross Rhodes on  him also. A nice and surprising turn of events. Rhodes holds up the Intercontinental Championship and screams “my belt.” It appears that they have set up a triple threat match for Night of Champions. I bet that match starts off and steals the show. I’ll take it. The Night of Champions card doesn’t look too bad actually. That match was solid.

Michael Cole is back to address the Jerry Lawler emergency. He recaps the events and again stresses that “this is not part of tonight’s entertainment.” He tells the people that Lawler is now more responsive. He is reacting to lights and is awaiting a CT scan. Michael Cole says “Cmon King get through this.”

Bret Hart introduces John Cena. Bret tells Cena about his past situation with Shawn Michaels. He says that he sees himself in Cena and a lot of Shawn Michaels in CM Punk. Cena says he has plenty of work left to do to earn the accolade of having his name put with Bret Hart’s. Well said John. The crowd chants “you can’t wrestle” very loudly. Cena says that he could have never laced Bret’s boots. Love it. Cena says that Michales used to own up to being a jerk and that Punk doesn’t do that. He calls Punk delusional and says that the belt doesn’t equal respect. Bret asks Cena what he will do about that phony Punk. Punk’s voice is heard saying “phony?” He makes his way out to the stage. Cena says he’s calling Punk a phony too. Punk says the biggest phony in WWE history is pointing his finger and trying to cast judgment. Punk says he will defend his good name to the disrespect. He says Cena and Bret are a lot alike, and that isn’t a compliment. He says their reigns as champion have been surpassed by someone superior. In Cena’s case he talks about himself. In Bret’s case he is talking about Shawn Michaels. Punk says that he is better than Shawn Michaels. Punk then calls Stone Cold Steve Austin a hillbilly and says that he is better than him. Then he says he is better than The Rock.

Punk says he is the best wrestler, talker, technician, and brawler in the world. He says he says that because he is it. He says that makes him anything but a phony. Cena says he is a liar, hypocrite, and scumbag. He says that Montreal is an honest city. Cena says that the WWE Championship has been irrelevant for the last 300 days. He says Punk has watched main event after main event pass him by. He says the night that Punk has made the most noise was the night his microphone was cut silent. He says that Punk lied to the people in saying he would bring change. Change wasn’t ice cream bars, edgy television, or new stars. It was changing Punk into being a star. Cena says that Punk doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He tells Punk that he stabs friends in the back, steals the colors of Hall of Famers, and steals the elbow of Randy Savage, because he doesn’t know who he is. He says at Night of Champions he will have to search for a new identity. This is great stuff.

Cena begins to talk in French. The Montreal crowd loves it. Cena translates. “Punk says he’s going to win at Night of Champions, but I’m just going to kick your ass.” Lot’s of intensity here. They throw down the mics and shout at each other. Punk goes to hit Bret Hart, but Cena stops his arm. Cena takes off his shirt. Bret Hart nails Punk in the face with a right hand. Big crowd pop. Punk is knocked to the outside floor. He holds onto his title and walks up the ramp. John Cena’s promo has just made this feud relevant again. Great build. I thought the promo made a lot of sense and tied up a lot of loose ends.

Here is the thing though before everyone starts claiming that Cena delivered an awesome shoot. Punk is playing a character. So everything that Cena said described CM Punk as the character that he is. It was not an accurate shoot on him as a person. Why not? Because Punk certainly has an identity. Everything he has done as champion has been a success because of the person that he is. He was able to play a cult leader hero against Cena, a lovable jerk, a heartthrob with AJ, a respectable foe with Daniel Bryan, a successful tweener, and is now completely over as a pompous heel. Success in everything that he has done. He has also made the WWE realize the value in good wrestlers. Because of his success Daniel Bryan was pushed to the main event. Because of his success Antonio Cesaro and Chris Hero were signed to WWE contracts. So he did bring the new talent that Cena spoke of. All in all it was an excellent promo by Cena. It attacked the character of CM Punk perfectly. Well done. I’m really not sure who will win at Night of Champions. Now that Punk is bragging about his title reign and comparing it to guys like Shawn and Bret, I can see it finally being the end. But I also know that Punk will be champion at Royal Rumble to face The Rock. I am still hopeful that he carries the title all the way through.

Michael Cole ends Monday Night Raw with an update. He says that Lawler has stabilized. He was stretchered to the back, given CPR, and taken in an ambulance. He is now stable and breathing on his own.

It was reported and confirmed hours after the show that Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack. Surgery was performed.