Few people, especially football coaches, will publicly acknowledge a moral victory. It’s seen as settling for less than success, which is of course a one-way path to unemployment in pro and big-time college sports.

However, I believe moral wins and losses do happen. Sometimes you lose a game, but you take away from it a tangible sense that something very positive was achieved. Sometimes you technically win a game, but gain very little.

It’s been a weird season for both the Ravens and the Terps. Here’s how I’d call their “moral win-loss” records so far.

Perhaps you see it differently. Moral wins and losses are obviously subjective. Still, we’d love to hear what you think of your football teams through seven games. So, Baltimore fans, what are the Ravens and Terps moral records so far?

Actual Result- (Score) – Moral Result
9/1/2012 WILLIAM&MARY W (7-6) L
9/8/2012 @ Temple W (36-27) W
9/15/2012 UCONN L (24-21) L
9/22/2012 @ West Virginia L (31-21) W
10/6/2012 WAKE FOREST W (19-14) W
10/13/2012 @ Virginia W (27-20) W
10/20/2012 NC STATE L (20-18) W
Record: 4-3 Moral Record: 5-2

Actual Result- (Score) – Moral Result
9/10/2012 CINCINNATI W (44-13) W
9/16/2012 @ Philadelphia L (24-23) L
9/23/2012 NEW ENGLAND W (31-30) W
9/27/2012 CLEVELAND W (23-16) W
10/7/2012 @ Kansas City W (9-6) L
10/14/2012 DALLAS W (31-29) L
10/21/2012 @ Houston L (43-13) L
Record: 5-2 Moral Record: 3-4